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Thursday, April 04, 2013

As Promised

As Promised I am posting the opening of my book.

Please keep in mind these are the pages of a book before the chapters begin. Feel free to comment or make suggestions.

If I could turn back time


So many nights I would lay there and wonder what I could have done differently. Was this my fault? What could I have done to make him do this, to our own daughter? Was I loving enough, he said I was. Was I a good wife, he always said I was the best. Then how? How could this happen. Why did it happen?


These questions I will never get an honest answer from him. I know this now and have resigned myself to accept it. He has changed his answers to suit whomever he was talking to. So many different reasons, none true.


This isn’t your usual Pedophile/ Sex Offender story. This is a new animal you haven’t heard of before. This one fooled everyone at the exact same time. Friends, family, coworkers, his own children and yes me. His wife of 20 years.


When I told friends and family I was going to write this book there wasn’t a single disparaging word. Everyone including the children are supporting me.


So why am I writing this and putting my life and curse out for all to see? For you, the person reading this. To help you do what I couldn’t and save children from this abuse. It isn’t just sexual, don’t be fooled. It is more and deeper than you can imagine. It is emotional, physical and never ending. Until you stop it, you take the reins of your life and say STOP.


This is our STOP, This is my STOP.

I’m hoping to open your eyes and educate you on this new Sex Offender. The loving and honest father, husband, Daddy. What makes him so new and different than the usual Pedophile? That is easy, it was me. We weren’t your typical American family. I was a diehard children’s advocate. My life was protecting all children especially my own. I worked daily, sometimes into the early morning hours doing everything I could to bring my dream to life. Stopping Sex Offenders and finding the missing.


 I would post on my forum and write long blog posts to do all I could to bring the missing home or stop a sex offender from getting any more victims. And he supported me 100%. He would read my posts and tell me how proud of me he was. Proud. The truth was not proud but dark and ugly.



With writing this book I want you to see the truth through my eyes and those of my children. To look at your own life and ask the right questions and maybe save your children like I couldn’t till it was too late.


We are no longer the typical American family. We have changed even evolved because of this. It has taken me years to get to this point in my life. To share what happened without crying, to tell you about our life and how perfect can be a bad thing. And hope you learn from it. From this true story. And save a child from the pain my children have had to deal with. The looks of contempt from people who didn’t know the truth, family who were lied to and didn’t know this happened.


I wasn’t sure where to start and then realized it has to be from the very beginning. It will make sense later I promise. See what I didn’t see and had no idea was even happening. No not the abuse but the grooming to help conceal it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 5:38am
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