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Monday, March 01, 2010

Project Aware

Hello Everyone,

With our main forum being down, due to a Trojan coming through the ads, we have decided to start a new project here on the Blog.

We have many wonderful friends on Face Book under our FromWhispers toRoars ID as well as our personal ID's. Many own or host sites from Missing Persons to Human Trafficking to ALERTS.

So we have decided to feature them here on the blog in one big post.

So if you know of a group or run one you would like featured let me know. Either post it to a comment here on the blog, our FB accounts or email us at

(Due to the New set up on FB it may be better to use the other options so you won't get lost)

Include contact details, banners, links or anything you think will help. I will plan the post for Mid-March so you all have about 2 weeks to let me know.

Please don't assume that because we are members of your groups that we will post it automatically without asking. We belong to hundreds of groups and can't remember them all so please contact us or it may not be added.

Pass this information around please so we can bring Awareness to all the excellent resources available to all.

Thanks All :)

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