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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Personal Thoughts…

A Few Personal Thoughts…

When Jessica Lunsford was missing I worked for her family on their website and forum. I was there from day one till just before it closed. I’m not related. Just good friends with the family. I’m not going to tell any deep dark secrets here. So if that is what your looking for turn to another site. This is what I think, feel and know. So here it goes.

Can Jessie Get Justice? In my opinion no.

No matter what happens at the trial, what the judge let in and kept out, Jessie won’t be back. Will Couey be found guilty? Many say “Oh hell yes, everyone knows what he did!” But do they? I know many of you want to think that everyone in the USA knows who Jessica Lunsford is but the truth is, they don’t.

A lot of people never heard of John Couey, Citrus County Florida, Jessica’s Law or Mark Lunsford. In our own little perfect worlds we think “Everyone has heard his confession, they know what happened.” Sorry nope.

I firmly believe they will be able to find an impartial jury who doesn’t know a thing about this case, Florida or not. Switching counties will make a difference. Unless the prosecutor has some very strong, firm evidence, Couey will walk. And if he doesn’t walk the defense has a case for appeal already. What you ask?

Fruit from the poisonous tree. It is a legal term that means “anything discovered from one tainted piece of evidence can’t be used” So they need to prove inevitable discovery of Jessie‘s body, and I mean prove. If not everything found from Jessie can be fought in retrial. So inevitable discovery of Jessie MUST be proven or the mattress, DNA and other details will be worthless. And Couey will be a free man.

Not totally free, he will be a marked man. There are enough people who do know him and what he did to make him quake in his sandals. I can see a big red target now. His conscious will never bother him. He has been through this before with other children. As far as anyone knows Jessie is the first one he has murdered.

She will be the last.

So back to my original thought. Can Jessie Get Justice?

Only if we could turn back time and made sure Couey never got out of jail in the first place. No amount of locks, barking dogs, people in the house, rain or training would change what happened. It’s the Laws that need to not only be changed but ENFORCED!

Jessie is gone.

What justice can there be.

For information on Couey from Arrest through the trial click Here.

On what YOU can do about changing the Laws click Here for Elected Officals Email addresses. And Here for Bills.

**NOTE: Mark Lunsford will appear on Headline News with Nancy Grace tonight at 8pm edt/7pm cdt.

Help Bring Ruth Hoffman Home

Help Bring Ruth Hoffman Home

Ruth Sharon Hoffman disappeared from her family after a brutal rape in June, 1986. She had a pre-existing medical condition which required medication. Without taking the proper dosage, she might not remember anything about her family.

In 2003, she was located through public records in Detroit, Michigan. However, due to privacy laws, only the authorities can access those records to find her. Ruth's daughter, Debbie, is extremely ill and is trying to access this information through a petition requesting that Mike Cox, the Attorney General for the State of Michigan, complete the investigation regarding her mother's disappearance.
You can help by clicking on the link below and signing the petition:

For background on Ruth click on her highlighted name.

Thanks Everyone.

For Brandy Hanna

We aren't giving up Donna!

For background on Brandy Click here.

For Donna's Petition to AMW to feature Brandy click here.

Email from Donna.
I am trying to get Low Country Harley Davidson to have a bike run in Brandy`s name to help get the reward fund higher and get attention for her.

I have sent an email and a County Police officer friend has talked to them. Maybe you could help me with this.Their email address is and the managers is .

I just keep trying to think up things to keep her name and face from being forgotten. Thank you for all your help glad I could help you for a change. Donna

Please Everyone, Anyone if you can help or have any information to Brandy's whereabouts contact us.
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