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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is there an increase in Missing/Murdered children?

Has there been an increase in child abductions or murders?

The answer is no. So now your saying "What? How can you say that." Easy it's true. What is so different now to make it seem like it has gone up?

We have 24 hour news channels and yep the Internet. And don't forget social media which also plays a big part in getting the news out quickly. That includes tablets, cell phones and laptops. We live in a around the clock information network. There are many sites dedicated to finding the missing and posting AMBER Alerts. But not every missing child gets an AMBER Alert due to parental abductions, no suspect or car information. They get an Endangered/Missing child alert.

A few years ago I posted the statistic that a child goes missing every 41 seconds according to NCMEC. Then an uninformed person said "If that's the case we would run out of children." Wrong, the number does not include how many are found or how quickly they are located. Also many are not reported and counted so the number may be higher.

Another reason it seems to have increased is we are paying attention. Especially pregnant or new parents. Many times if something doesn't effect us personally we don't take notice to the alerts. Usually it has to happen to someone close to us or a family member for people to care.

We need to care before it happens people. I can't stress this enough. Are you ready if it happens to you? Do you have ID/DNA kits on all your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren? Recent pictures or what were they wearing this morning, do you remember. Have you checked for Sex Offenders in your neighborhoods? What are you waiting for?

We need to be the ones who protect all children and the best weapon is knowledge. Search the Internet on ways to protect your family. Read everything you can and follow through with it. Be aware of your surroundings and any dangers in your neighborhood. Ask your children the tough questions about improper touching, even if its mom or dad doing it. Watch programs like Raising America with Kyra Phillips on HLN for the latest trends our children are doing.

What we do now will impact our children and their future. Why not start protecting better now? Why wait until something has to happen to your loved ones. The DOJ has a printable book on what to do when a loved one goes missing that you can download for free. But why wait until they are gone to learn what to expect and what to do.

Be informed. Be diligent. Be prepared and most of all share your knowledge with other parents. The best defense is KNOWLEDGE! 

Any questions? Please just ask!

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