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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big News

Greetings Everyone.

I have BIG news. I've decided that I'm going to write a book. It's going to be personal account of what happened to my family over the last few years.

It will explain why I went silent here on the blog and on our site From Whispers to Roars.

It will be a more detailed description of Pedophiles, one we never hear about. And how it changed our lives.

As a children's advocate I told you how to protect your family and children from Sex Offenders. Little did I know that one in particular was paying very close attention and used everything I said to hide his crime.

I will be setting up a FB Fan page chronicling the writing process and also be posting on here. When I'm finished I'll post directions on how to order the book.

This is very scary and personal but having all of you and your support will help me greatly.

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