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Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy News Week

Keep your hands inside the ride at all times. This is going to be a crazy amount of news in one spot.

First the Grand Jury documents pertaining to JonBenet Ramsey's murder were released today. They wanted to indict her Parents John and Patsy Ramsey for child neglect and endangerment. The Colorado Grand Jury felt they didn't kill their daughter BUT knew who did.

"Maria", the little girls found last week in Greece with 2 people has been identified using DNA. Her mother is in Bulgaria. "Sasha Ruseva, a 35-year-old Bulgarian Gypsy, or Roma, said she gave birth to the girl, called Maria, four years ago while working as an olive picker in Greece." This case is still under investigation.

And out of NYC Avonte Oquendo, the 14-year-old autistic boy has been missing since Oct. 4 when he walked out of his Queens school. NYPD fears he won't be found alive. The boys father is pleading with the public to please help and don't give up looking for Avonte.

And last but not least a Texas woman charged with hurting son, 6, then trying to repair genitals by using glue. An FBI complaint charges the 34-year-old San Antonio woman with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction resulting in serious bodily injury. The mother, who was arrested Wednesday, remains in custody pending a bail hearing Monday in federal court in San Antonio. She apparently attacked her little boy and ripped his genitals and then tried to hide it with super glue. Thank God his father noticed something was wrong and rushed him to the hospital.

And how is your Friday?


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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Game Changer of the Year

Game Changer of the Year

"Game Changers are the everyday people making a difference within their communities through service, leadership and volunteerism. Through the Come Together Game Changers program, the Detroit Pistons are recognizing and rewarding these unsung heroes throughout the state of Michigan.

Game Changers are nominated by fellow community members, friends or family and this year’s Game Changer of the Year will be gifted a 2013 Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition.".

There are people all over the world who do amazing things for their communities everyday and no one even knows it. Until organizations like the Detroit Pistons bring a group from their State to the forefront. They ask the public to help reward one who they feel has gone above and beyond the rest to make a positive difference for Michigan.

There are 10 people nominated by friends, neighbors or someone who's life was forever changed by one of these special people and then the public casts their votes on who they feel should win.

It is a 2 tier process to determine who will be the finalists for the grand prize. First the top 10 nominees are listed along with a brief description of what they have done to be a part of this special group of people. And through public voting the top 3 are then chosen.

Once they are reviled the public again can chose between them to find the grand prize winner.

Your probably wondering why I am posting this and yes it's a good reason. 

A person I consider a special friend, whom I call my brother because our work is similar and brought us together, is nominated.

His name is Jamie Jones. He began the Missing You Foundation which is a proactive group of people who not only list missing people but actively search for them all over Michigan.

Jamie has worked non stop to help bring other's loved ones home, despite paying for everything himself to the point of eating PB&J every night, he never takes a penny from the families. I've known him to go without the things you and I count on like Internet, phones and yes even electric just so he could help others.

His wonderful wife Marsha supports him 100% and helps him with his work as well. She keeps his spirit up when investigations aren't going well. She celebrates with him when he finds the person he was looking for alive. She cries with him when they are found deceased.

Jamie takes every case personally, like many of us in the Missing/Abducted community. His selfless acts inspire many around him to also try and help in anyway they can.

From the Game Changer of the Year webpage:

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones
"Jamie spends the majority of his time searching and often successfully finding missing youth and adults in and out of the state of Michigan. He rallies search party volunteers, makes phones calls and uses his CB radio equipment to spread information to help in the search for missing persons. In addition to providing on-the-ground support for the search and rescue mission, he also extends himself to the families and loved ones of the missing to assist them during the ordeal - both emotionally and in providing any other assistance as needed."

So I am asking all our readers the please help us, help Jamie win this award. It will bring even more people to the Missing/Abducted field as well as give them more knowledge on how they too can make a difference in others lives and their own.

To read more about Jamie, the contest and to vote simply click Here .

If you can I ask you also tell your friends and family so they too can vote. You don't have to be from Michigan to help in this program.

Will you be the Game Changer who makes a difference in this man's life? I sure hope so.

Good Luck Bro, love ya!


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Friday, September 27, 2013

FREE At Home ID/DNA Kits!! No Postage or Outside Sources Needed!

FREE At Home ID/DNA Kits!! No Postage or Outside Sources Needed!

Between floods, mudslides, tornadoes, earthquakes  and abduction's it is more important than ever to have ID/DNA on all family members. And it is so easy to do. Below will be 2 different kits YOU can make at home and they are non invasive.

ID Kits:

What you need for each person:
Manila envelope
Plain white envelope
Up to date pictures
A sheet of paper (I prefer a cut piece of poster board)
Nail clippings
A couple strands of hair pulled from the root**
Ink Stamp Pad

Ziploc bag x2
Tape or paste

Tape or paste the photos to the piece of paper. List the child’s name, date of birth, eye color, hair color, any distinguishing features (birthmarks, scars, moles, etc..), finger print the child onto the paper or a separate piece. If you use a separate piece, label it. Place the nail clippings and hair in the white envelope, seal, and label with the child’s name and the date or a Ziploc bag. Place the everything inside the manila envelope, seal, and label again. Put these up out of reach, preferable in a lock box or something. You should update the photos and information at least once a year. If your child is very young, I’d say 5 or younger, then update at least twice a year.

**On getting the hair with root intact use a clean brush, no debris at all. After bath or shower brush hair and with tweezers remove those with roots from the brush. Keep them in a bag with the persons name. This was you can add the ones needed without any trauma.

DNA Kit:

Now, for the first time, parents can sample their children's DNA at home, using household products with the full knowledge that the integrity of the product will be maintained.

Rub a clean (sterile if possible) cotton swab* on inside of cheek until moist. Let air dry for twenty-four hours. Label with child's name and sample date. When dry, place in Ziploc bag, then fold and place that Zip-lock bag in another Zip-lock bag. (double seal) Save in freezer until needed. Follow same procedure for blood sample. However, wait until child scrapes or cuts him/herself before taking sample. Save baby teeth in the same manner.

*You can also use sterile gauze or a clean piece of filter paper.

It is also a good idea for people living in areas where natural disasters happen often to send  ID kits  to an out of State, trusted, relative for safe keeping.

Please pass this information around, it may bring someone home, someone you love.

We can no longer believe it can't happen to us.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is there an increase in Missing/Murdered children?

Has there been an increase in child abductions or murders?

The answer is no. So now your saying "What? How can you say that." Easy it's true. What is so different now to make it seem like it has gone up?

We have 24 hour news channels and yep the Internet. And don't forget social media which also plays a big part in getting the news out quickly. That includes tablets, cell phones and laptops. We live in a around the clock information network. There are many sites dedicated to finding the missing and posting AMBER Alerts. But not every missing child gets an AMBER Alert due to parental abductions, no suspect or car information. They get an Endangered/Missing child alert.

A few years ago I posted the statistic that a child goes missing every 41 seconds according to NCMEC. Then an uninformed person said "If that's the case we would run out of children." Wrong, the number does not include how many are found or how quickly they are located. Also many are not reported and counted so the number may be higher.

Another reason it seems to have increased is we are paying attention. Especially pregnant or new parents. Many times if something doesn't effect us personally we don't take notice to the alerts. Usually it has to happen to someone close to us or a family member for people to care.

We need to care before it happens people. I can't stress this enough. Are you ready if it happens to you? Do you have ID/DNA kits on all your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren? Recent pictures or what were they wearing this morning, do you remember. Have you checked for Sex Offenders in your neighborhoods? What are you waiting for?

We need to be the ones who protect all children and the best weapon is knowledge. Search the Internet on ways to protect your family. Read everything you can and follow through with it. Be aware of your surroundings and any dangers in your neighborhood. Ask your children the tough questions about improper touching, even if its mom or dad doing it. Watch programs like Raising America with Kyra Phillips on HLN for the latest trends our children are doing.

What we do now will impact our children and their future. Why not start protecting better now? Why wait until something has to happen to your loved ones. The DOJ has a printable book on what to do when a loved one goes missing that you can download for free. But why wait until they are gone to learn what to expect and what to do.

Be informed. Be diligent. Be prepared and most of all share your knowledge with other parents. The best defense is KNOWLEDGE! 

Any questions? Please just ask!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Music to My Ears

Getting back to work

Well I got back to writing my book yesterday and I noticed something.
I write whatever the music I'm listening to makes me feel. My story has so many emotions and the last thing I want is to feel them all again at the same time.

So I have to make play lists for each chapter. This way I can write some of the hard stuff and then relax and breathe. And when it hurts too much I can listen to something that will ease the pain and change my mood.

I've always used music to inspire me but not to this extent. I also like to read to music, specific music, for the type of book I'm reading. So this is in a way a new thing for me.

I'm almost done Chapter 2 and luckily it's happy memories. Remembering the beginning actually brings me joy. It's what happens later that changes everything. Up down round and round goes the emotion wheel.

I'm hoping I can get Jane Velez-Mitchell or Nancy Grace to write my forward. That would be amazing. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well enough yapping time to get back to work.

Stay safe and love your children.


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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ali Gilmore has been missing for 7 years, 199 days, 15 hrs, 11 mins, 54 secs

Ali Gilmore of 231 Lorraine Ct in Tallahassee, FL is missing under suspicious circumstances. Ali Gilmore was also 4 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ali Gilmore please contact the Big Bend Crime Stoppers at (850) 891-HELP or (866) 979-0922

Ali Gilmore was born on January 5, 1976, and was 30 years old at the time of her disappearance form her home in Wilson Green in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a black female, 5 feet 6 inches, has brown hair, brown eyes, medium complexion and weighs approximately 180 lbs.

Identifying characteristics: Pierced ears, tattoo of the name "Ali" on right side of her chest, birthmark on abdomen. Ali Gilmore was four months pregnant at the time of her disappearance!

As I write this post the timer counting how long Ali has been missing still grows. Second by second it continues to show she is still not home with her family and friends. Do you know Ali's story? Have you heard of her at all. It's been 7 years since anyone last saw or heard from Ali. She was 4 months pregnant with her first child when she vanished without a trace.

With the recent discoveries of Jaycee Dugard, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight,  who all were missing for 10 years or more, the hopes and hearts of the families of missing persons were again filled. They feel if the others were found after so long that their loved one may also be found.

Now is the time for all out campaigns focusing on the missing in each state and county. Show their faces and stories and remind the public they are still gone. Get the age progressed photos in the paper, on the news or on billboards. Think back if you heard or over heard a story in a bar or at a gathering about one of the missing. You may be the one who finally breaks a case wide open and helps LE bring someone home. Someone knows the truth but for some odd reason they keep their silence. You hold the answers, you can solve a mystery. And in this day and age you can be anonymous or protected by Law Enforcement. So why aren't more people speaking up? Why aren't missing people home?

The families have a right to know. If someone knew where your loved one was or what happened to them wouldn't you want them to speak up? Wouldn't you expect them to do the right thing?

Sadly the missing adults get little to no press coverage. People like Ali Gilmore are all but forgotten. The only people who remember them are either their family or owners of missing persons sites like ours.

This needs to change and now. Priceless seconds are ticking by and bringing us no closer to our missing loved ones.

Stop, think, remember. You could bring someone home and make their Missing poster or site vanish for good.

For more information please visit our site or Where is Ali Gilmore's site. I'm going to try and focus a person a week. If there is someone you want posted please leave a comment or shoot us an email at .

Help Ali's family know where she is or what happened to her. They have the right to know before anymore precious seconds tick by.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

Thank You to All of our Readers


A Brief Note of Thanks

Hello Everyone!

This is just a brief note to say Thank You to all our readers. It means a lot to Kris and myself to know that not only do people from right here in the good ole USA read our blog but also from around the world.

So I wanted to take a few minutes and show my appreciation to all of you for your support and comments. And by doing it in that Countries native language.  This is meant as a show of gratitude. If it is in anyway incorrect or disrespectful it is not meant that way. And I apologize in advance if it is. Please contact me via the comment button and I will fix it as quickly as possible.  Also some countries have several different languages spoken and I don't want to post the wrong one so I chose the most used.

To the people of:

Canada, Merci
France, Merci
Germany, Danke
Russia, Спасибо
Ukraine, Спасибі
Switzerland, Tack själv!
My laptop can't post the translation for Lebanon because it doesn't understand the symbols in Arabic
And last but not least the United Kingdom, Australia and The United States of America we Thank You. 
Your weekly or daily visits to the blog means a lot to us. By doing so it shows that our commitment to helping the missing and information to help protect your loved ones is being read and maybe even used around the world.
If you aren't already following our blog here on Blogger or on Facebook through NetworkedBlogs please click "Follow this blog" on the right side of the screen. And if you know any friends or family that you feel will find us interesting, learn a lot or even use the information that we post then please suggest us to them.
Have a great day and remember you can never show your family or friends you love and care for them too much. A heart can never be full. Again we say:



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Friday, August 02, 2013

Michelle Knight is a Hero

Freedom from Hell, Re-entering Life, Forgive but not Forget.

Michelle Knight Speaks, and is heard.

Right now all across the country words of praise and strength are being spoken about a very brave and strong woman. Her name is Michelle Knight. Eleven years ago, when she was abducted off the street just blocks from her home, the Internet was still young and campaigns to find the missing were small and unorganized. As computers became more affordable and the Internet seemed endless sites popped up all over to help locate the missing. Whether children or adults, abducted or runaway it didn't matter. In 2005 my best friend Kris and I created one of those very sites. Our site, From Whispers to Roars, was and still is unique. We posted all missing from the 1930's to present. The circumstances of how the person became missing didn't matter. If you weren't home you were posted. There are many things that made FWTR original and my regular readers know them. But I'm not here to focus on the site. I'm here about one individual young woman who was posted on our site.

Her name is Michelle Knight. And I'm here to talk about Michelle and the Demon she no longer has to deal with, Ariel Castro. The Sexual Predator who abducted her by mentioning he knew her through his children.

We now know how many pedophiles operate. The ploys they use with children and teens and yes even adults. Sadly those of us who post online "How to protect your family from pedophiles." gave them many of their ideas on how to get around these directions that were meant to protect and use them for their own gain. We shouldn't feel guilty. We were seriously trying to protect people and not hurt them. I didn't realize we were doing this until I found out my own husband was using my words and posts to get away with molesting our oldest daughter for 4 years.

I will continue posting and will also add new ways to protect our families with this new knowledge I have acquired. I will never stop and hope that what I write will save others.

Now to Michelle. I watched you along with most of America stand tall and speak from your heart. And I was proud. Why you ask. Because I was one of many who listed you as missing and every year on the anniversary of your disappearance moved your story to the top for all to see. You were never alone Michelle and never forgotten. The missing community is a tight group. We pray together and cry together. Whether they are happy tears like on the day you, Gina  and Amanda were found alive. Or when one of our missing is found dead. No matter the circumstances you were never alone and always loved. I hope you read this and know I'm speaking the truth and find some comfort from it.

The missing become part of our daily lives and part of our family. You Michelle have a huge family out there you just didn't know it. Now that you do you can turn to us for comfort, a hug or even a prayer. All you have to do is ask and we are there for you. Things don't stop or change when your found. You are apart of our lives forever now. And I felt blessed because of how strong you are. You proved it when faced with giving the victim impact statement and you didn't back down or show fear standing in the same room as that animal Castro. You did us all proud and I will never forget seeing you there. You spoke of how what happened didn't define who you are or who you will be. And how his hell is just beginning. How you will forgive what happened but will never forget. I was totally in awe. You are sweet and beautiful and strong. No one can ever take that from you. No one.

So when you go to sleep tonight know that your actions have helped others in your situation. You have made others strong who thought they couldn't be just by seeing you do it. You are an inspiration and always will be. Bless you Michelle Knight. We know God already has blessed us with you. You are a Hero.

Part 1 of 2

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Open Letter to Steven and Samantha Alexander

I don't normally use the blog to post about murders not affiliated with missing persons. But after watching HLN and the coverage of Travis Alexander's death I felt compelled to do so.  This is for the Alexander family, especially Steven and Samantha.

First I think I should give you a small glimpse into my life. I'm the youngest girl in a family of 6 siblings. Just like your brother Travis I'm the " go to" person when anyone needs a shoulder or an ear to listen and advise. I'm also the one to handle the bad news and to tell the rest of the family. As many of my regular readers and friends know I have a background in the Medical field and Law Enforcement. I've had to testify in each venue of court from civil to criminal.

It was a little scary at first but it was never about any of my loved ones so it was easy. But that changed quickly when my oldest daughter and I both had to read our victim impact statements against my husband, her father, her molester.

Because of my background, the support of my family and my religious beliefs I knew I could do this. I was however worried about my daughter. She had been through so much and now she had to tell the judge, the public and friends/family who were present what he did to her and how she has grown and changed because of it.

She was amazing. So strong and clear. She even looked right at him so he would know her words, no expression from him. Now my turn......

I stood up at the podium with my papers and immediately began to ball like a baby. I totally froze.

WTHeck?? Why in the world am I carrying on this way. I don't cry, I never cry. It's against my beliefs! All I knew was I couldn't stop. His lawyer began to object to how long I was taking and the judge told him to sit down and shut up! She said  "She can take as long as she wants and needs. Take your time and ignore him." Yes I loved our Judge.

About 5 minutes went by and I finally said "Your Honor, how can I follow that." and I gestured towards Meg and I smiled. So did the Judge, the clerk and an Officer. Feeling stronger while looking at my first born baby I began to speak. I couldn't look at him even though he was sitting to my right. So close I could have reached on him.

I only cry if I see him because of what he did and what he lost forever. I was told it is the same as him dying. Ripped out of your life never to see or hear again. And despite what he did it did hurt and I was mourning our 20 year marriage, my children losing their Dad and at my one time soul mate. Gone.

The words flowed easier and every now and then I had to stop to compose myself. But it was quicker than when I started. I was able to finally look at him so he could hear me loud and clear. It felt great.

After I finished he stood up to all acute his crime. He called us "Those Individuals" Not his wife or children, just Those Individuals . Yeah that impressed the Judge, NOT.

Then the Judge spoke. She looked at Meg and I and said we were very brave to do what we did. Many can't and regret not doing it. She could tell we both wrote are own statements. She told Meg she was mature and very intelligent just by what she wrote. And she looked at me and said I can see how much pain this had caused you and your children but I am a very strong woman who will not only get passed this but be better for it.

The reason I told you this story , Steven and Samantha Alexander,  is to express my  awe in you both. You spoke so clear and honestly it impressed me. You two did something I couldn't and that was tell how your brothers death effected you and your whole family without losing it like I did..

I just wanted to tell you how proud I was and I am positive Travis was impressed and felt a lot of love for you both. Your strong, caring, loving and devoted to your family as I am. I pray for your whole family. And not only will Travis's killer have to pay here on Earth just remember it's not the only place she will be punished for murder.

God bless and keep you all.

Originally written May 16, 2013 but not published til now.

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Miracles Can Still Happen 5-15-13 and 7-18-13

Not sure why this never posted but I'm fixing that now.

Miracles Can Still Happen

When Jaycee was found alive it gave families and websites like ours hope. Little did we know how right we were.

This week 3 of our missing, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were found alive just blocks from where they vanished.

When the news broke I started jumping up and down and through tears repeated their names along with the news anchors. My hunny has never seen the Advocate side of me because I stopped years before we met. But he saw a brief moment of my life that day and got tears along with me.

Alive after all this time. For Gina and Amanda it's been 10yrs. But for Michelle it was 11yrs. Like everyone I wanted to see them. To see living miracles, to know how close the age progression pictures were. Mostly to see them animated instead of one dimensional posts on our forum.

The only one we saw was Amanda for the longest time. And she looked the same. Bright eyes, big smile and now a mommy to a beautiful little girl. "Its me Amanda Berry, I got away and I'm alive!" echoes in my ears every time I think of them being free.

I will NOT mention the name of their captor, this is just for them.


The 3 women, not girls anymore, made a YouTube video thanking everyone for the help, money and prayers. They all look amazing. Strong and bound to each other for the rest of their lives. A friendship none of us will ever know or understand. They are all beautiful and HOME.

 Welcome Home Amanda, Michelle and Gina!!!

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