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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Question: If you could actually disappear would you?

Question: If you could actually disappear would you?

Each of us has sat around with friends and jokingly talked about vanishing and starting over somewhere else. Of coarse it was all in fun but what if you could. Think long and hard, would you? While searching for updates on the many missing people we have I came across a site that tells you how to do just that, vanish. It was so detailed it made me wonder how many missing people aren’t actually missing at all. Did they decide they had enough of their lives and wanted a fresh start? New name, new job all new you. From what I read on this site it is possible and without leaving a trace of their plans behind to follow them with. I mean think about it, everything you need to do in a nice tidy list and poof you’re gone. No record, no bad credit, no house or car payments just absolute freedom.

When a teenager runs away we wonder how they survive out in the big bad world alone, sometimes for years before they are found and brought home. Maybe they aren’t alone. What if they too found that website? Can you imagine a check list of 30 ways to leave your old life? What is even scarier is that it really is possible to do it flawlessly. Everyone knows getting a passport, driver’s license, or social security card illegally happens everyday so why wouldn’t it be a snap to start over. And when you follow the guidelines correctly you will never be found out.

I am by no means saying all missing people are faking it. Not even close. But for those who want to it can and does happen. Example a Florida woman just last month decided she had enough and left. No one knew what she was planning; everyone thought she was totally happy. They believed she would never have just up and left her husband and child. Shows how no one really knows someone else. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t said the name of that site or given the address, simple I won’t assist anyone with inflicting pain on innocent loved ones.

It shows that in today’s world you truly can find everything you need online. You can make bombs; check a person’s credit and criminal history for a small fee. You can start a legitimate business or scam people for thousands. And now the do it yourself vanishing act. There are options available too. Help with problems, stress, alternatives to running away and much more. So before you decide to pull a vanishing act weigh all your options, seek advice from friends and family or a councilor. Believe me just giving up is no answer.

So I think what I am really wondering is why would anyone in their right mind put a how to disappear guide out for everyone to see anyway. To make it easier or safer for someone to run, Or they just weren’t thinking?

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