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Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's An Epidemic of AMBER Alerts this Month.

For August we have had about 8 AMBER Alerts already. I don't know if it's a record but it sure feels like it. Many have been resolved but there are a few still active.

Raven Jeffries,7 AMBER ALERT 8/04/06 MI
(Possible Body Located. See Link for Details)

Michael,Daphne & Victoria Hook, Missing ALERT, July 2006 (Reported in August)

Eliana Feasley, Endangered Missing, Aug. 2006 NY.

And a few older ones from April/June/July that are still active:

Analyce Guerra, AMBER Alert,April 2006 TN

Amber O'Brien , Missing Child Alert ,6/28/06 FL.

Danielle Jimenez,3 AMBER ALERT/Mother Slain 7/31/06 TX

Everlyse Cabrera,AMBER Alert, June 2006 NV

Elian Mojano, 2 Amber Alert 6/21/06 TX

Reachelle Smith Abducted/AMBER ALERT 5/16/06 ND

Sandra Cruz,Missing Alert, June 2006 MA

These are just the Alerts. There are more endangered missing listed.

For more details on these children, including posters, click on their highlighted names.

To view all listed in the Current Amber/Missing Juvenile Alerts click Here.

For Missing/Endangered Adults click Here.

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