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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well isn't that Special.

Just when I think nothing can shock me someone makes a liar out of me. Why the rant you ask..OK so ya didn't ask but your gonna get it anyway. Since I refuse to help this individual scum sucking bottom feeder out I won't use his/her name or site, just rant in general. OK none of us are naive, we know that there are pigs out there who live to make a buck from the suffering of others. From writing so called tell all books to selling what is termed as Murderabillia. What makes it worse is that there is actually a market for this garbage. What kind of society do we live in that takes pride in saying I own the tissue Charles Manson sneezed in or the makeup Gacy wore as a clown? The newest filthy animal to be idolized is none other than John Couey.

The no good bastard who slipped into a sleeping household, stole a 9 year old from her warm bed. Then held her yards from her own home then raped, tortured and buried her alive. All while watching the police, volunteers and her father frantically look for her. Yes stood there watching and decided he better get rid of her and leave town before they see him and arrest him for failure to register as a sex offender. Not for killing Jessica but for his own selfish reason. That sucker knew what he was doing the whole time. Then he tried to claim mental defect when he was caught and tried for Jessie's murder. Sitting at the defence table trying to look as innocent as a baby while coloring. Luckily the jury didn't fall for it so now he sits on death row in Florida right where he belongs.

Then the murderabilla slime crawls out from under it's rock ready to pounce. What is being sold i won't say either. Who gives a crap. No matter what it is it has Jessie's blood all over it, metaphorically speaking. When these ameba's sell anything from a killer it is like murdering that victim all over again. It opens wounds that will never really heal.

As civilized people we have to know when to not just say enough but YELL IT!! Profiting from the total destruction of a family and a child's innocence is just wrong. Like a drug dealer the money he/she makes has someones blood on it. Buying this murderabillia is the same thing. Plain and simple blood money. If the courts can stop convicted killers from profiting from their crimes why not these scum buckets?

Write your Senators or Congress person and say stop letting these animals profit from an innocent victims tragic death. The longer they are allowed to do this the more the families have to relive their loved ones murder over and over again. When will this stop. Their death was hard enough when it happened why rip them apart on a daily basis. There has to be something that our overpaid Government can do besides take long expensive vacations on their states dime. Use my dime to do something. Because all Government can be replaced.

So please think hard about what I have said and find it in your heart to write. Not just for Jessica Lunsford's family but the families of all murder victims. Someday it may be your family, let's not wait for it to mean something to you personally,do it now.

Visit our site to find your local Representative. Thanks for listening.

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