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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jewel Noel Klein, AMBER Alert, 11/19/08 TX

Amber Alert Issued for 6-year-old Texas Girl

Posted: 3:16 PM Nov 19, 2008
Last Updated: 3:16 PM Nov 19, 2008
Reporter: Texas Department of Public Safety
Email Address:

The Comal County Sheriff's Office issued an Amber Alert Wednesday afternoon for a 6-year-old Texas girl who is believed to be in grave danger.

Officials are searching for Jewel Noel Klein. She's a 6-year-old, white female, with date of birth 12/22/2001.

She is four feet, 60 pounds, and has blonde hair, blue eyes and is said to be wearing a red plaid sundress.

Police are also looking for Tonya Renee Martin, a suspect in the abduction. She's a 41-year-old white female, with date of birth 07/29/1967.

She is 5'2", 107 pounds, and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

The suspect is driving a blue 2005, Hyundai Sonata with a Texas license plate number of 404ZNM.

The suspect was last heard from in Spring Branch, Texas. Law Enforcement officials believe this child to be in grave or immediate danger.

If you have any information regarding this abduction, call the Comal County Sheriff's Office at 1-830-620-3400

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Giovanni Colon-Gonzalez, 5 Missing 8/15/08 MA-PR

Father of missing Lynn boy offers no clues

(NECN: Brad Puffer, Lynn, Mass.) - The father of a missing five-year-old boy from Lynn, Massachusetts was back in court today on child endangerment charges, but he's still not talking.

36-year-old Ernesto Gonzalez appeared in Lynn District Court for the first time since his arrest on child endangerment charges three months ago. But, this brief and typical pre-trial hearing offered no further clues to the location of his five-year-old son Giovanni.

"We are asking the public's help in giving us any tip or nay information they have about his case to help find this little boy," said Steve O'Connell of the Essex DA's office. Daisy Colon, Giovanni's mother, sat in the front row. She has only talked to Ernesto once since his arrest.

Colon says she dropped her son off at his apartment for a weekend visit in august, but Giovanni was gone when she returned to pick him up. There has been no sign of him since.

"This case has taken us from Lynn to Lawrence to Puerto Rico with no sign of him yet, but we are not going to give up."

Investigators have traveled also to Florida, believing he may have been taken there. They have searched a nearby pond with divers and several areas with dogs - all looking for clues to what happened.

While many leads have now dried up, the district attorneys office still believes someone holds the clue that could break this case.

"Even if you saw Ernesto that weekend without Giovanni please tell us when and where that was we will follow every lead we get and we will spare no expense and we will spare no manpower in order to try and bring this little boy home."

For more information and a poster of Giovanni visit our main forum Here.

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Another Birthday Passes for Missing Brandy Hanna

Another sad birthday

By Brian Hicks (Contact) The Post and Courier

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today is Brandy Hanna's birthday.

There won't be a party, or a fancy dinner, no one to joke about calling the fire department to put out the 36 candles on her cake. No, this day will pass like the past 1,270 — with her mother, Donna Parent, waiting for the phone to ring.

You see, Brandy is missing.

A lot of people already know the story. On Friday, May 20, 2005, Brandy worked her shift at Alex's Restaurant on Dorchester Road, got a ride to her apartment and, later that evening, talked to her mother on the phone. She had big plans for the weekend — shopping Friday night, the beach Saturday, breakfast with her mother and brother Sunday.

None of that ever happened.

That night, Brandy walked out of her apartment, leaving her money, her clothes, her entire life, behind. No one has seen her since. For the last three-and-a-half years, there have been candlelight vigils for Brandy on every birthday, every anniversary of her disappearance. They are sad affairs of prayer, tears, candles and balloon releases.

But they serve a purpose: they ensure no one forgets Brandy.

This year, her mother instead chose to drive to Conway for another family's vigil.

Six years ago, Alice Donovan was abducted from a Wal-Mart parking lot and killed. Her killers, one of whom is on death row, either can't or won't tell where they left her. Donna thought it was important to honor Brandy by supporting Alice's family.

"I feel like it is the right thing to do," she said Friday. "I know what that family is going through."

Since Brandy's disappearance, Donna has become active in missing person advocacy. She does it for the right reason, to help.

When the newspaper dispatches a photographer for a new picture of her, she asks that we just run a photo of her daughter instead.

She wants no publicity, no fame, no attention. She just wants Brandy back or to at least know what happened.

Not knowing is perhaps the hardest part. Donna wakes up every morning and goes to sleep every night thinking about Brandy. She has had to go through something no parent ever should — she has seen her daughter become a face on a billboard, a story on missing persons Web sites.

She endures it as part of her fight to make sure that no one forgets. This is something you wouldn't wish on anyone, especially not a kind-hearted, generous soul like Donna.

It's a miracle she holds up as well as she does, and has even gotten strong enough to allow the occasional joke to slip out — she laughs that the idea of Brandy being 36 makes her feel old.

Donna has added two new grandchildren to the family in the last couple of years, and they provide her a lot of joy. But even playing with them reminds her how much Brandy would enjoy her new nephew. This is never far from her mind.

Every time another body is found, every time the phone rings, she feels a cold chill. That has become her life.

A few months ago, police thought they had found her in Calhoun County. It wasn't Brandy, just another false alarm, but it brought on another period of unbearable waiting for Donna.

Today will be no different, vigil or not, birthday party or not.

But by now Donna knows that there are people out there who will not forget, who will not give up until she has found her daughter.

Since it's her birthday, maybe some of them will even light a candle for Brandy.

For more information on Brandy visit our forum Here.

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