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Friday, August 02, 2013

Michelle Knight is a Hero

Freedom from Hell, Re-entering Life, Forgive but not Forget.

Michelle Knight Speaks, and is heard.

Right now all across the country words of praise and strength are being spoken about a very brave and strong woman. Her name is Michelle Knight. Eleven years ago, when she was abducted off the street just blocks from her home, the Internet was still young and campaigns to find the missing were small and unorganized. As computers became more affordable and the Internet seemed endless sites popped up all over to help locate the missing. Whether children or adults, abducted or runaway it didn't matter. In 2005 my best friend Kris and I created one of those very sites. Our site, From Whispers to Roars, was and still is unique. We posted all missing from the 1930's to present. The circumstances of how the person became missing didn't matter. If you weren't home you were posted. There are many things that made FWTR original and my regular readers know them. But I'm not here to focus on the site. I'm here about one individual young woman who was posted on our site.

Her name is Michelle Knight. And I'm here to talk about Michelle and the Demon she no longer has to deal with, Ariel Castro. The Sexual Predator who abducted her by mentioning he knew her through his children.

We now know how many pedophiles operate. The ploys they use with children and teens and yes even adults. Sadly those of us who post online "How to protect your family from pedophiles." gave them many of their ideas on how to get around these directions that were meant to protect and use them for their own gain. We shouldn't feel guilty. We were seriously trying to protect people and not hurt them. I didn't realize we were doing this until I found out my own husband was using my words and posts to get away with molesting our oldest daughter for 4 years.

I will continue posting and will also add new ways to protect our families with this new knowledge I have acquired. I will never stop and hope that what I write will save others.

Now to Michelle. I watched you along with most of America stand tall and speak from your heart. And I was proud. Why you ask. Because I was one of many who listed you as missing and every year on the anniversary of your disappearance moved your story to the top for all to see. You were never alone Michelle and never forgotten. The missing community is a tight group. We pray together and cry together. Whether they are happy tears like on the day you, Gina  and Amanda were found alive. Or when one of our missing is found dead. No matter the circumstances you were never alone and always loved. I hope you read this and know I'm speaking the truth and find some comfort from it.

The missing become part of our daily lives and part of our family. You Michelle have a huge family out there you just didn't know it. Now that you do you can turn to us for comfort, a hug or even a prayer. All you have to do is ask and we are there for you. Things don't stop or change when your found. You are apart of our lives forever now. And I felt blessed because of how strong you are. You proved it when faced with giving the victim impact statement and you didn't back down or show fear standing in the same room as that animal Castro. You did us all proud and I will never forget seeing you there. You spoke of how what happened didn't define who you are or who you will be. And how his hell is just beginning. How you will forgive what happened but will never forget. I was totally in awe. You are sweet and beautiful and strong. No one can ever take that from you. No one.

So when you go to sleep tonight know that your actions have helped others in your situation. You have made others strong who thought they couldn't be just by seeing you do it. You are an inspiration and always will be. Bless you Michelle Knight. We know God already has blessed us with you. You are a Hero.

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