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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Better Late Than Never..Missing Person's Calendar

Find Missing 2007 Printable Calendar

L&C Missing Ribbons Organization Legacy for Laci & Conner & all missing

Find Missing 2007 Calendar Participant list Step1- First click& print 2007-Free Printable calendar version template link below.[For best results, Glossy paper recommended].Please email us at :

*Let us know how many calendars you print . A Total Count is needed! We also will list everyone who participates in our calendar efforts as a thank-you to you all.
2007- Free Printable version Calendar Templete

Step 2- Using cover page below. First flip paper Upside down,Facing down, on back side of cover pg. ...Print [Jan Missing Person's flyer]. Then Jan. mo. same way and so on.

Sample of ..January Missing Calendar

Missing Flyers To Print Below

Find Missing 2007 Cover

January- Missing Jonathan James Betts

February- Missing Jason Jolkowski

March- Missing Gina Bos

April- Missing Patricia Viola

May- Missing Cynthia Day

June- Missing Tara Grinstead

July- Missing Rachel Cooke

Under construction June-Dec 07.

Please click on links above to download this calendar.


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