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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Websites for Missing People by Friends and Family

Family and friends have created websites for their missing loved ones.

Can you help?

Wallace Richards

Brandy Hanna

Tracey Gardner Tetso

Danielle Imbo

Richard Petrone

Brianna Maitland

Tammy Lynn Leppert

Audrey May Herron

Sabrina Allen

Marianne DeMartin

Louise Poe

Maura Murray

Patricia Viola

Janie Sue Lindsey

Rachel Cooke

Joanna Rogers

Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson

Richard "Cody" Haynes

Teresa Butler

Gene Stewart

Angela Freeman

Patty Inez Brightwell Vaughan

Gina DeJesus

Sam and Lindsey Porter

Sarah Kinslow Websites

Michelle Angela Yarnell http://www.Geocities.Com/FindAngieYarnell

Laura MacKenzie

Robert Spellman

Ruth Hoffman

Leandra Lozano

Garrett Bardsley

Ali Gilmore

Mike Hogan

Jan Stavros

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