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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick, Sick Sick! The Caylee Marie Anthony tribute Doll

Sick, Sick Sick! The Caylee Marie Anthony tribute Doll

You have got to be freaking kidding me! A tribute doll that number one looks nothing like her (Jaime Salcedo, president of Showbiz Promotions, said he is not selling a doll that looks exactly like Caylee because it would be too morbid and difficult for the public.).

Two the family has nothing to do with BUT Mr. Salcedo feels it will bring ( honor and respect Caylee's life by bringing awareness to her case.)

Raise your hand if you have never heard of Caylee Marie Anthony......NONE!!

Well what could his real reason be then????? I GOT IT!! (The Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll will go on sale Tuesday for $29.99.) Yep MONEY MONEY MONEY!! Reminds me of the movie Olive Twist where the bad guys is singing about his love of money.

And the real kicker it plays "You Are My Sunshine" when you push her bellybutton. What they didn't have enough time to add Heart Stickers....sorry sick I know I'm just beyond angry.

Salcedo also said maybe $3.00 from each sale will go to a charity, he just hasn't figured out which one yet...HUH?? Shouldn't that be first if it is actually a tribute? SCUMBAG!!

He even avoided a direct question from Amy L. Edwards, Sentinel Staff Writer, about whether it's appropriate for his company profit on Caylee's death, Salcedo said he is anticipating critics.

"I think that that is going to come up," he said. Salcedo said the public does not understand what it costs to make the doll, ship it, import it, and his company's expenses"

So that means what exactly? We are too stupid to understand.. Guess what scumbag the last few years have made experts out of the public on spotting scams for money.

So I'm asking all who read this to Boycott Showbiz Promotions, Don't buy the Caylee Doll.

It won't bring her back, the money goes in the fat cats pockets and has nothing to do with Caylee's Memory. Haven't the family and public been through enough already. Look at poor George, ya think he is first in line for this doll? Hell no, he is still picking up the pieces of his shattered life. Perfect time to sell a doll named Caylee don't ya think. VERMIN!!

For Amy's complete article click Here.

No Doll, No Fakes,No More Lies. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!! Tell your friends please!

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