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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Can you help find Brandy Hanna?

"Momma, you're late. Where are you?"

That is the kind of person Brandy Hanna is. Always close, always called and never went anywhere without telling her mom where she would be. But on May 20, 2005 that changed. She waited for her mother Donna to arrive at work, they were waitresses at the same restaurant. She couldn’t leave without seeing her.

They made plans for breakfast on Sunday together and Brandy went home. She had plans that evening to go shopping with a friend, the beach on Saturday and breakfast with mom on Sunday. When she left work she was in a very up mood. Her weekend plans were set. Life was good.

But that changed and no one knows why. The last anyone heard from Brandy was at 10:19 pm when she sent her boyfriend Zeke Lankford a text message. Then nothing.

Donna called Brandy several times over the weekend but no answer. She knew Brandy wouldn’t turn her new phone off, it was practically glued to her ear. This worried Donna. On Monday morning, Donna awoke and looked at the clock. It was 7:20 a.m. She was relieved, because she knew if her daughter hadn't shown up for work, someone would have called her.

Then the phone rang.

Brandy wasn’t there.

For months Donna has been searching and reaching out to every person who will listen about her daughter vanishing. Especially her local Police Department. Who have been no help what so ever. Without signs of foul play or some sort of crime, it is a hard for them to investigate. Adults can do as they like, don't have to answer to anyone. North Charleston police listened to countless people say that Hanna wouldn't do that. They took a report, searched the apartment.

Brandy had left behind the money she'd made on Friday at Alex's and had not taken a single thing she owned. It looked like she had just stepped out for a moment. The cup of tea from the restaurant sat beside the couch.

It has been 8 months since Brandy last spoke to her mother, 8 months since Donna heard the words “I Love you Mom” from Brandy’s lips. And what has been done. Nothing.

On Friday February 3, 2006 Donna met with the Mayor R. Keith Summey, Police Chief Jon R. Zumalt and Captain of Investigations Sam Tillman . It was ,what Donna thought, a productive meeting. But a month later they haven’t done a single thing promised.

From Donna “Friday 2/03/06 I had my meeting with the Mayor, Not only was the Mayor there so was the chief of police and the Captain of Detectives .

All 3 men were very respectful and listened to everything I had to say. The news media and my

friend from the newspaper had been calling the Mayors office all week. I think they were a little nervous about what I was up to.

Once they realized I just wanted to talk to them about Brandy and ask for their assistance in helping me get and keep her picture in the publics eye and I was not there to raise cane they seemed to relax.

All three men apologized for all the mistakes that had been made, starting with not taking a police report the first time I tried to report Brandy missing.

I also got them to agree to keep me updated more often about what they were doing on the case. The Mayor offered to put a Billboard up with Brandy`s picture and info on it which I happily took him up on, they

also promised to contact their media spokesman and get him to make press releases more often about the case and to keep the public more aware that Brandy is still missing.

I walked away from this meeting feeling very good , my only wish is that they will follow through with their promises. “

How can they promise these things and not follow through with a single one. They admitted wrong doing from the beginning and have done nothing to repair the damage. So I say let’s light a little fire under their collective asses. Pardon my language.

How you may ask. Easy, let’s start with emails, phone calls and snail mail. The Mayor is too chicken to have an email account for the public but I did find the Chiefs and the Lead Detectives. We are calling on all who read this to help us. There is also a contact us page available. But I can’t promise it will reach the Mayor, Just the Police Department.

Express Yourself!

So for Chief of Police Jon R. Zumalt (843) 554-5700,

And Captain of Investigations Sam Tillman (843) 740-2851,

Mayor R. Keith Summey

City Hall
4900 Lacross Road
North Charleston, SC 29406

City Hall Annex
2536 4th Street
North Charleston, SC 29406

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 190016
North Charleston, SC, 29419-9016

Phone:(843) 554-5700
Fax: (843) 745-1085 (Oh good a fax number, can send your letters through there if you have access to a fax machine.)

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