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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It will never happen to me. Oh Really?

It will never happen to me.

How many of us watch the evening news and see a Missing Child or Adult Alert.

OK everyone.

Our hearts go out to the families and we hope for a happy ending. If it isn't resolved quickly we then start ripping apart the family of the poor missing person. "How could they let a child that age out of their sight?" or "They knew the person has mental problems why didn't they take away their keys?" Yeah hind sight is 20/20 but let's get real here. What if this were your family, would hind sight be anything to you now? Is it helpful?

Everyone thinks well this will never happen to me or my family, you couldn't be more wrong.

Every 41 seconds someone in this country is abducted. Maybe it was your neighbour taking their son/daughter because they don't have custody, your sister went to the store to get smokes and never came home because her ex grabbed her off the street and drove away, your brother stopped on the freeway to help a fellow driver with car trouble and now his car sits abandoned, someone came in the window and took your child while you were reading this post. It CAN happen to anyone, even you!

What have you done today to prepare for it? Family ID/DNA kits are one thing you can control in this world. Many organizations offer free ID kits you can send for or print out. I personally have instructions on how to make my own at home out of regular household items. And in this economy the make your own DNA kits are priceless.

No, none of my family has gone missing or been abducted so you ask why do i care? Because I know it can happen! And God forbid it does I have the important information I need ready. I thank God everyday I have my family and then I pray for those who don't.

Don't wait for this to happen to you, because it can. Talk to your family about safety.

Set up secret words for when someone other than you picks your child up from school or playground.

Explain about wrong touching and when to tell someone.

Look up Sex Offenders in your neighbourhood, know their faces and addresses. Make sure your child stays away.

If you can't meet or take your child to the bus stop set up a buddy system with another parent you know and trust to watch your child and do the same for them.

Make ID/DNA Kits and keep them updated. Share the instructions with other parents, teachers and the community.

Here is your hind sight...will you use it?

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