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Monday, August 05, 2013

Thank You to All of our Readers


A Brief Note of Thanks

Hello Everyone!

This is just a brief note to say Thank You to all our readers. It means a lot to Kris and myself to know that not only do people from right here in the good ole USA read our blog but also from around the world.

So I wanted to take a few minutes and show my appreciation to all of you for your support and comments. And by doing it in that Countries native language.  This is meant as a show of gratitude. If it is in anyway incorrect or disrespectful it is not meant that way. And I apologize in advance if it is. Please contact me via the comment button and I will fix it as quickly as possible.  Also some countries have several different languages spoken and I don't want to post the wrong one so I chose the most used.

To the people of:

Canada, Merci
France, Merci
Germany, Danke
Russia, Спасибо
Ukraine, Спасибі
Switzerland, Tack själv!
My laptop can't post the translation for Lebanon because it doesn't understand the symbols in Arabic
And last but not least the United Kingdom, Australia and The United States of America we Thank You. 
Your weekly or daily visits to the blog means a lot to us. By doing so it shows that our commitment to helping the missing and information to help protect your loved ones is being read and maybe even used around the world.
If you aren't already following our blog here on Blogger or on Facebook through NetworkedBlogs please click "Follow this blog" on the right side of the screen. And if you know any friends or family that you feel will find us interesting, learn a lot or even use the information that we post then please suggest us to them.
Have a great day and remember you can never show your family or friends you love and care for them too much. A heart can never be full. Again we say:



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