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Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy News Week

Keep your hands inside the ride at all times. This is going to be a crazy amount of news in one spot.

First the Grand Jury documents pertaining to JonBenet Ramsey's murder were released today. They wanted to indict her Parents John and Patsy Ramsey for child neglect and endangerment. The Colorado Grand Jury felt they didn't kill their daughter BUT knew who did.

"Maria", the little girls found last week in Greece with 2 people has been identified using DNA. Her mother is in Bulgaria. "Sasha Ruseva, a 35-year-old Bulgarian Gypsy, or Roma, said she gave birth to the girl, called Maria, four years ago while working as an olive picker in Greece." This case is still under investigation.

And out of NYC Avonte Oquendo, the 14-year-old autistic boy has been missing since Oct. 4 when he walked out of his Queens school. NYPD fears he won't be found alive. The boys father is pleading with the public to please help and don't give up looking for Avonte.

And last but not least a Texas woman charged with hurting son, 6, then trying to repair genitals by using glue. An FBI complaint charges the 34-year-old San Antonio woman with assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction resulting in serious bodily injury. The mother, who was arrested Wednesday, remains in custody pending a bail hearing Monday in federal court in San Antonio. She apparently attacked her little boy and ripped his genitals and then tried to hide it with super glue. Thank God his father noticed something was wrong and rushed him to the hospital.

And how is your Friday?


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