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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Parents: "Book Bag Is Amber's"

Mother encouraged by find

The parents of Amber Harris told Channel 6 News Wednesday morning that the book bag found near 21st and Lake Tuesday night is Amber's bag.

Amber's mother, Melissa Harris, says that she's encouraged by the discovery. She says the book bag is in good shape and she believes that's a sign that it has been in a house somewhere.

The items in the bag included a folded pair of jeans and a damp shirt and Melissa says, "When I didn't see the shoes and sweater I thought, see I try to look for all of the positives.

If there is negative, it's right there, but I just didn't see anything." Melissa Harris says that Amber would often take a change of clothes to school for gym and she says the discovery of the items gives her renewed hope that her daughter is still alive.

A man living near 21st and Lake St. informed Channel 6 News Tuesday that he had found the book bag on his property.

Omaha police issued a news release Wednesday stating that they are, "forensically processing the backpack and (its) contents in an attempt to locate evidence and confirm the identity of the owner."

Amber was last seen walking off her school bus November 29th at 20th and Pinkney.

There is an $18,000 reward in this case and anyone with information can provide it anonymously.

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