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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome Home Jordon Townsend!!!

I love happy endings. This is from Mikki, Jordon's mom:
"I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's just been so hard. But I do have wonderful news.
She is alive and doing OK. We're getting her therapy and going to do all we can to help her get back to the girl she was before all this began.
She is being charged with several different things but I don't have details yet.
It's been an exciting weekend and very busy! Now that she is home we are going to complete our move and get our lives back on course.
Thank you for all that you did for me while this was going on. You're kindness and encouragement have been truly essential to me making it through this.
You and your site have taught me so much.
I'd love to stay involved and help in any way I can! So if you let me know what I can do I'll be happy to do it!
Thank you again!!
Congratulations Mikki and Jordon!! We are thrilled she is home safe and sound. Now you can have her Sweet 16 Birthday party. Do us a favor and put 2 pieces of cake aside.
One for us and the other for all the children who are missing their birthdays with their families.
Again Congratulations!!
P.S. for some reason blogger won't let me put spaces in between paragraphs. Sorry this looks sloppy.

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