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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is Raquel Allen Missing?

I received a message from a member telling me of an AMBER Alert in Michigan. Anyone who has been to our main forum knows Michigan's AMBER Alert Plan is the worst in the nation.

So as usual I did an extensive search and found NOTHING.

Then I emailed The Detroit Police Department's Chief,PR Person and webmaster:

"FromWhispersToRoars Admin"
Subject: Amber Alert for Raquel Allen

I received this alert through Shopwise. I have searched EVERY news and site in Michigan for an update. The alert is as follows:
An Amber Alert has been issued in your area. Below is the information surrounding this Amber Alert. If you have any information that may help law officials resolve this Amber Alert, please contact those listed below in the "Point of Contact" section.

Child Information
Name: Raquel Allen

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Skin tone: Black

Height: 506

Weight: 165

Description: Last seen wearing tan army coat, blue jeans, gray shoes

Incident Information
Circumstance: The child was last seen walking to the library.

Last seen: 2006-02-24 at 10:00:00

Last seen address: Detroit

Detroit, MI Point(s) of Contact
Contact person: Sgt. Dunagan

Contact organization: Detroit Police Department Phone : 313-596-5240

Phone type:

Email address:

and that's it.

How can anyone expect a child to be found in Michigan when the alert system is nonexistant. Where can I find more information on this child and maybe a poster. And before anyone suggests the MSP site don't bother,they have nothing also.I'm sorry if I seem rude but this isn't the first time I have had trouble with Michigan's Amber Alert Plan and it is the children who suffer.

Last time I emiled the Chief and PR person they bounced back .I am hopeing the Webmaster can help if that is the case again.

Thank you,


If you can find any information on this child please post it. And feel free to email the Chief with your concerns.

For Information on Michigan's Amber Alert Plan, not System click Here. Pack a lunch and bring a compass it goes in circles forever.

To see the emails sent back and forth trying to get information on ONE child click here.


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Go figure.....
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