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Saturday, June 17, 2006

VACATION..Yes I Do Take Them

Yep you read right. I will be on vacation from June 17th-27th. Now that is only the Blog. Our Main Forum " From Whispers to Roars " will still be up and running.

So please visit it for all up to the minute information on AMBER Alerts and Missing Adults/Children.

My partner Gaia will still be slaving away while I'm in beautiful Tennessee with our family and doggies. Which we now have 5 of (my female Brownie had 3 puppies) .

And since I am such a control freak (As Gaia says, HA she is) I do all the blog work and won't give her the password LMAO. That also means any Comments made will NOT post till I return, Sorry. If you have information or an update on a case you can post it on Our Main Forum or email us at .

So enjoy the peace and quiet while I'm gone, When I get back all hell will be breaking lose. Ya won't want to miss it.

See Ya Soon,
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