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Friday, May 19, 2006

Lies and Deceit in North Charleston SC.RE: Brandy Hanna

This is an open letter and email to Mayor R. Keith Summey , Chief of Police Jon R. Zumalt , Captain of Investigations Sam Tillman , LT. David Ballinger ,Service Requests for North Charleston SC., Donna Parent, All Media Outlets and All Members of FWTR.

Feel Free to Contact them yourselves with your own thoughts. Email addresses are at the bottom.

"ATTN: Mayor R. Keith Summey , Chief of Police Jon R. Zumalt , Captain of Investigations Sam Tillman , LT. David Ballinger.

You Lying Monsters,

How dare you. You have all sunk lower than I have ever seen any public Officials go. You built up the hopes of a parent of a missing child only to deceive and crush her. I am referring to Donna Parent, Mother of Brandy Hanna. Back in March you promised that Brandy would not only get more publicity but have her case reviewed and get a billboard. You claimed the proofs were back and that it would be up very soon. In case you can’t keep up on dates and times that was 2 months ago. You also said Donna could call the Lead Defective Lt. David Ballinger (who “has the case and will give Ms. Parent a call next week. She may always call him directly at 843.740.2849 at anytime“. ). Well that was true but you never promised he would call back. Which he has not! You also said Doug MacFarland, with Mac Advertising has graciously agreed to donate the cost of the billboard in an effort to help find Brandy. Does he know you are tarnishing his good name and generosity?

In 11 days it will be 1 year since Brandy vanished. What have any of you done.. NOT A THING! You call yourselves elected officials to protect and serve the people but you are nothing more than lying want to be public figures who don’t deserve the Offices you hold. It is a good thing this country is a democracy where the peoples votes count because next election you will know exactly how the people you are supposed to protect feel about you. I am not only sending my original email and your response but this email to every newspaper and television station in South Carolina to show the people just how well they are being represented. And also all Missing Persons Websites and Blog’s.

I know a few of you have children of your own. God help you if they go missing in your county. But wait then again they have nothing to worry about. You would never treat them the way you have treated Brandy. I don’t know how any of you can sleep at night knowing you did this to a mother of a missing child and to her child Brandy Hanna.

Themis and Gaia

Administrators and Founders of From Whispers to Roars

CC: Assigned Staff: LT. David Bollinger Phone #: 843-740-2844

Chief of Police Jon R. Zumalt (843) 554-5700,
Captain of Investigations Sam Tillman (843) 740-2851,
Mayor R. Keith Summey

All South Carolina Media:

Original and New Email Available Here.

Information on Brandy Hanna Click Here.

Brandy's Website .
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