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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What was your take on "The Amber Alert Story"

I had a few problems with Lifetime's Amber Alert Story. No it wasn't the thick southern accents, I found that part refreshing. I live in Texas and trust me the accents here go from slight to "huh?" It actually made it more realistic.

My problem was where was the radio station that broadcasted Amber's information? Any one who knows the story of Amber Hagerman or the AMBER Alert history know this was the birth of the AMBER Alert System. But no where in the movie was it shown, why?

I know the writers and producers changed names and such to avoid paying movie rights but this was an important part of the story.

I kept my children up past their bedtime to watch this as a family. I felt it was important to show them where, how and why mom does what she does. They know my fight with many states over their AMBER Plans, they have seen the letters come to the house lol. If you ask my children about the AMBER Alert System they will set you straight. Yes every state has an AMBER Plan, but not a System. Big difference.

Did anyone else notice that under the AMBER Alert criteria if Amber was abducted today she would not get an alert? No License plate, abductor name or clear description. The system is only a few years old but really needs some work. Many Officials fear that overuse of the system will numb the public to the alerts. They fear we will become complacent to them like car alarms.

Anyone with a child or not will NEVER ignore an AMBER Alert due to the fact we all realize it could mean life or death for a child. Elected Officials don't give us enough credit as human beings. We were smart enough to know how to vote them in or out of office, we have the mental capacity to know that the children need our help. Why do they think so little of us. Oh right they only care during an election year, duh.

I enjoyed the movie but as always they left the important parts out. No shock or surprise there. Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself. Here is a link to all states AMBER Alert information. Learn what your State is doing, get involved by signing up for alerts (If Offered).

Ok that's my take on this, what's yours?
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