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Monday, February 13, 2006

Have you seen my sister Tammy Leppert?

"Oh, please, please, everyone who believes in fairies, clap your hands!" Tami urges. Grief and fear come trickling down Tami's cheeks so easily it flows like blood from a fresh wound. "Please!" she continues with greater conviction, "Louder! Oh please, louder!" The audience responds with lusty, award-winning applause and Tami's tears of sorrow smear with tears of relief.

Tinker bell lives.

Tammy was a star. No Oscars but to her family she was destined to have a trunk full. At 18 she already had a couple hundred trophies and a few movie roles. This was the beginning of star, One critic, Steve Walz, Was projecting her to be "One of the stars of the 80's" involving her name in the same breath with Brooke Shields . Then in 1983 a ride with a friend changed that forever. Vanished without a trace, without witnesses, no clues. She simply disappeared off the face of the earth.

July 6, 1983 seems so long ago to most people but for Suzanne it is an eternity. It is the last time anyone saw or heard from her sister Tammy. In her last days with family and friends Tammy was very nervous and worried. There have been many scenarios about why but so far none can be proven.

Tammy left her family's home in Rockledge, Florida at 11:00 a.m. on July 6, 1983 with a male friend. Her friend later told authorities that he and Tammy had an argument while driving and that he left her standing in a parking lot outside the Glass Bank near an Exxon gasoline station in the vicinity of State Road A1A between 2nd Street North and 3rd Street North in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Suzanne is also asking if anyone knows of a Jane Doe case that may fit Tammy to contact her. The Doe Network case number 22UFCA has already been ruled out.

Someone knows what happened. Someone knows where she is. Yes 1983 was a long time ago but not to the person/people who know Tammy’s fate. It is yesterday and it haunts their daily thoughts and nightly dreams. One call can set you free and help this family have peace knowing the truth.

You can anonymously contact your local police, you can email Suzanne at or contact us here on this blog and at Help yourself and this family.

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Tammy's family has a website for her at:

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