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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here's a Shock Diane Pierce is Still Missing!

We first brought you Diane Pierce's story on February 21st. She is diabetic and endangered. And since the initial story there has only been ONE other. It boggles the mind how a person can just vanish and only get 2 stories in the paper. I ask how hard can they really be looking to find this woman. No organized searches,no posters, no NOTHING! Oh wait let me get out my crystal ball, even that is more than these so called protectors have done. You know to protect and serve. Serve who I wonder?

And this is today's story:

Search for missing Palm Springs woman continues
March 7, 2006
Marie McCain, The Desert Sun

Police continue to search for a 45-year-old woman last spotted Feb. 15 at a local casino.

The Palm Springs Police Department turned to the public last month for help in the search for Diane Christina Pierce of Palm Springs.

Authorities on Sunday also began searching canyons in a rural area along Highway 74 near where Pierce’s car was found shortly after her disappearance.

According to police, Pierce, who is diabetic and has depression, was reportedly staying at a friend’s home in Palm Desert shortly before her disappearance.

But Pierce’s daughter, who helps to care for Pierce, didn’t find her mother or her mother’s car at the home when she went to check after not hearing from Pierce for a few days.

After some interviews, police determined Pierce and her boyfriend had gone to the Spa Resort Casino and returned to separate hotel rooms about 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 15.

Three days later, a California Department of Forestry worker notified Palm Springs police that Pierce’s car had been found in a parking lot along Highway 74 near the Sugarloaf community.
Workers first noticed the car Feb. 16 but didn’t become suspicious until two days later, the Palm Springs Police Department reported.

By the time police got word of the car’s location, it was too dark to search the area.
On Feb. 19, Palm Springs police and deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department searched the area near where the car was found.

Police described Pierce as being 5 feet 1 inch tall, 190 pounds with brown eyes and dark brown hair. She also uses the name Diane Salais, has dentures and a tattoo on her left leg of the name "Diane" as well as a picture of the cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Palm Springs Police Department at 323-8142.
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