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Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few weeks. I have been very sick and wore out. But as I got better I still stayed away. I couldn’t put my finger on why till tonight. Our site covers many different issues. From Missing people to Trials to SO Laws. It all began about 2 years ago after we left a site for a Missing child who was murdered by a Sex Offender. We wanted to show the public yes you have a say in the law and in how to protect your family.

We spoke to many politicians who agreed with our views and said they too wanted to make changes. They introduced Bills in local government and Washington DC. One of our biggest supporters was Mark Foley.

Imagine our shock and surprise when the news broke the other week of his crimes. The man we were trusting to push for stronger measures against Sex Offenders is one himself. I mean my god how could he do this. We trusted him, we believed in his word. Now I am not that naive to think politicians are free of sin, oh hell no, but when you think of Elected Officials many things come to mind but not once did Sex Offender.

I have been floored by these revelations and forced to rethink what I am doing. I know it isn’t the main focus of our site but it was the catalyst for everything we are doing. I feel betrayed by this person, I can’t say man because that is stereotyping. How could he misrepresent himself like this. We counted on him to help protect the children, men and women victimized by Sex Offenders. Case in point Joseph Duncan, he has been committing crimes against children for years including murder. It took him killing 4 people to be caught and jailed. The new Sex Offender bills and laws promise better tracking to protect us. Public access to registry’s and notification when one moves near us, longer jail sentences and where they can and can’t live. Foley has slapped us all in the face and sorry Charlie but I can’t turn the other cheek on this one.

What do we do now? Thanks to him all politicians will be looked at differently by us the public. Who do we trust not to be a closet offender? I am at a crossroads now. I am hurt, angry, betrayed and sickened by all of this. And the who knew what when garbage is just another smokescreen to hide the fact that there is a fox in the hen house. The only question should be why? Why lie to us the people who trusted you and thought you to be a champion for the innocent. Where do we turn now? Anyone with a suggestion or thought feel free to post it. Like I said I am at a crossroad and not sure what direction to go next.

Editor's Note:

I think what I am most pissed about is what next? Do the bills he backed get shelved now, do we have to start all over again? And if so how many people will be kidnapped,raped or murdered by unregistered or untracked Sex Offenders because of this delay? This is what angers me most. Now we have to suffer becuase of his actions. When will this stop. When will Officials get up off their collective asses and say "Ya know what, the people put us here to protect them let's just do our jobs." I know i'm dreaming, too much is to be gained for them by not doing it than there is actually careing about the people they pretend to serve.
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