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Monday, December 15, 2008

WANTED: Ricky Allen Robbins, At Large, Oregon

Predatory sex offender on the loose in Oregon
Story Updated: Dec 15, 2008 at 12:20 PM PST
By Web Staff

EUGENE, Ore. -- A predatory sex offender who broke into a home and raped a woman was released from prison last Wednesday only to flee supervision on Friday.
Ricky Allen Robbins remains at large with an active warrant out for his arrest. He is 5-foot-10-inches tall and 170 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.
Robbins was paroled last Wednesday. By Friday, he had fled from supervision. His whereabouts are not known.
Robbins was in prison until 2007 for the 1983 rape of a woman. Robins broke into the woman's house and raped her. The victim got away, got a gun and shot Robbins, who was arrested and convicted for the crimes.
After his release in 2007, Robbins fled supervision while on parole and traveled to the East Coast.
Police in New York investigated two instances where a suspect broke into a home and rubbed the legs of women while they slept.
DNA evidence found on a hat near the scene of one of the crimes matched Robbins.Robbins was later arrested in New Orleans for viewing child pornography in a university library.
Authorities extradited Robbins back to Oregon and revoked his parole. He had been in prison until last Wednesday.
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