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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The "Please help Find BRANDY HANNA" Petition to AMW

Please help Find BRANDY HANNA

Category: Justice

Region: United States of America


Description/History: My daughter has been Missing since May 20,2005 I have begged for help from AMERICA`S MOST WANTED I cannot get them to listen please help make them listen.

Petition: My daughter has been Missing since May 20,2005 I have begged for help from AMERICA`S MOST WANTED I cannot get them to listen please help make them listen.

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The "Please help Find BRANDY HANNA" Petition to "America`s Most Wanted" was written by "Donna Parent". The petition is hosted free of charge at

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Why You Crying?

Today is July 4th. A time our country celebrate our freedom. And today North Korea's looney mini leader fired rockets at the USA. Is he totally stupid? Rhetorical, don't answer. But this idiot didn't ruin America's spirit to celebrate what we have fought thick and thin for. Freedom.

I'm told by many I am a very strong person. I don't believe in crying. But as I watched the fireworks from New York on TV my eyes welled up and I began bawling. Big question is why? Is the patriot in me, being a Navy Wife? I don't think so. As I reflect back I wasn't actually thinking about anything.

I watched the crowd looking up in awe, the children covering their ears from the bangs, the families hugging each other is when it hit me. I don't know how long I cried, all I remember is saying 'Whoa why you crying' (George Lopez fans will get that one) It is completely out of character for me. So I pondered...And pondered.

An hour later I realized it was the children. The ones I saw with their families and the ones we couldn't see, the missing. What were they doing tonight? Did they watch fireworks and think of their families? Did fond memories of 4th of July's past creep in? Did the kidnappers let them celebrate, do they even know it's the 4th?

And the families of the missing, what were they doing?Probably thinking the questions I was. But adding ' Are they still alive?' We post so many each and every day who are missing, found, deceased or marking a 10th,20th and 30th anniversary of vanishing.

Where can they be? With the media and internet being so popular why aren't more tips coming in. It boggles the mind. Why does it take them being found deceased,burned alive,chopped up and raped for us to notice. If more people paid attention to posters and AMBER Alerts this could be reduced greatly. And the ever so popular 'It can never happen to me' mentality couldn't be more wrong.

I know this isn't usually what I use the Blog for but I felt the need to express myself tonight. That's my given right as an American and too many died for my rights to not express them.

So now I ask you. What did you do on the 4th of July to celebrate our Freedom. I cried.
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