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Monday, March 25, 2013

Harder than I thought

Morning Everyone,

As promised I'm here to up date you on my progress on the book. I have an outline all written up and the first 5 pages.

Yep you saw that correctly I have started lol. And to be honest this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not the writing part but the emotions it brings up.

 I began to get emotional when I started talking about what I wanted people to get from the book and our life way back in the beginning. I caught myself thinking about the way we used to be. But not just memories but the way it actually felt. The butterflies at the thought of holding his hand or our faces going flush when we kissed and so on. And immediately getting angry at myself for letting those feelings to come back into my life. Especially since they were the ones about him.

Those feelings are always followed by nausea and contempt for him. Knowing that he experienced those same feelings when he was abusing our daughter. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

OK back to the present, here and now. I promised my Facebook friends and family I would post my opening page for them to critique and make suggestions about on my personal FB page. And I'm now promising you the same thing.

Later today I will post my opening page here on the blog IF I get 10 comments to this post. I know you think that's silly but oh contra ire it makes perfect sense. If there are 10 comments then I know people are actually interested in seeing the beginning of my book here on the blog. And if there aren't 10 comments then I know the public would rather see other posts on AMBER Alerts or the missing or Sex Offender info and not the book.

The last thing I want to do is run people off by posting things they aren't interested in. So that's why I'm asking for the comments.

It is now 5:45am. I will check back all day and if I get 10 comments by 6:00pm I will post it by 6:30pm.

And I'm not so shallow that I'll be upset or angry if the comments aren't there. It's just an offer to see into what I'm doing :-)

See you all later.

Themis aka Robin

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