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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A New Site For Parents to Help Protect Their Children From Teen Predators

A Site worth checking out that deals with juvenile sexual predators.


About Our Site

This site is to educate parents and children on juvenile sexual predators, we as a society know about adult sex offenders. But our society chooses to ignore where the adult predators come from.

As parents, we educate our children about HIV the AIDS virus, illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. But we do not educate them on what their peers are doing sexually to small children. As parents it is up to us to get these laws changed for juveniles that commit acts of violence.

The laws are set to protect the juveniles’ privacy. As you go through our site we will explain to you about the laws in our state (Texas). To find out more about the laws in the state where you live go to your local law library to educate yourself and your children about juvenile sex offenders in your area. Please help us to keep our children safe and get involved in your community.

Founders of

Our names are Mark and Terri Cason we have 5 wonderful children. Terri is a devoted homemaker and spends her time at home with their children; Mark is a Senior Civil Engineering Technician and provides a stable home for his family.

The reason we (Mark and Terri) are creating this web site is to educate parents and children on teenagers who can prey on your children.

In January of 2006, we found out that a very close friend of the family had sexually assaulted our 7 year old daughter, he was 15 years old. Our children looked to him as being a big brother figure. As you continue reading our site you will become more informed about our situation and learn valuable information. This may help prevent it from happening to your children or to someone else’s child.

If you would like to leave a comment or have questions please feel free to do so. We will answer your questions ourselves.

Thank you, for visiting our web site, please tell your friends and families to educate themselves.

Mark and Terri Cason

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  • At Sunday, December 10, 2006 9:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "The wait was originally 15 months, then it came down to five months when I complained.
    "But I don't think it would have been done in five months - it would have been cancelled.


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