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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fox and OJ "If I did it" Say Not on My TV!

Tell Fox to Stop Exploiting a Domestic Violence Homicide!
November 16, 2006

In late November, the Fox Network plans to air a "two-night event" featuring O.J. Simpson talking about how he would have murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, 'if he did it.' Family Violence Prevention Fund President Esta Soler called the decision "beneath contempt."

Help us urge Fox to reconsider its decision to air this program! Tell them:

12 years ago, a mother of two and a vital young man were brutally murdered – and more women are assaulted, raped and murdered every day. Domestic violence is a huge problem in this country. Stop exploiting this tragedy, and instead help us keep women and children safe.

Email or call Fox at 310/369-3553, its Viewer Comment Line at 310/369-3066, or its Entertainment President Peter Liguori at 310/369-1000.

Full information can be seen in Domestic Violence section

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tantrum Going on the blog now tantrum

If he did it..IF !! That no good censored it should be called HOW i did it. If he had any censored he would just admit it, he can't be tried again!! Let me guess he is worried his fans would leave him. Waaaaa censoredcensored they did that long ago. Someone should cut off his censored and hand it to him. He obviously hasn't seen it in awhile. Like the saying goes "OJ Did it!" and now he finally confesses, in a round about way. I will NOT be watching, I already know the censored did it.



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