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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Police search for missing, abandoned 15-year-old girl, Lauralee Schire

Police search for missing, abandoned 15-year-old girl
written by Dan Boniface Web Producer
11/10/2006 8:35 PM MST

WESTMINSTER, CO.- Police are searching for a 15-year-old girl who was reported as a runaway on October 18.

Lauralee Schire, 15, was last seen by her family on September 21, but was reported missing on October 18, according to Westminster Police.

Her family told authorities they think Lauralee is living on the streets and is possibly associated with meth users because of previous incidents.

Lauralee's family has moved to Florida since filing the report, according to police.

Police have exhausted all leads, and are asking for the help of the community in locating her.

Lauralee is described as 5 feet 3 inches tell, weighing about 140 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair which was most recently dyed red or maroon, police say. She was last seen wearing a red jacket and gray cutoff sweat pants, authorities say.

Police say the only photo available is outdated, and describe Lauralee as "grown up" compared to the picture.

Authorities are urging anyone with any information about Lauralee or her whereabouts to contact them at 303-430-2400 ext. 4360 or 4380.

I really hope these so called parents don't have any other children. How, How in the world do you report your daughter missing then move to another State? What kind of monsters are they! I hope Child Protective Services are involved in this and charges are pending.

For updates click on
Lauralee's highlighted name.


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