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Friday, April 28, 2006

Where can they be?

Colt Levi Clark 9 years old Missing since April 20, 2006 Oklahoma.

Kendrick Jackson 3 years old. Missing since April 7, 2006 Texas.

Analyce Guerra 2 years old, Missing since April 23, 2006 Tennessee.

2 and 3 year olds do not just vanish from their beds in the middle of the night. Analyce's sister said "Santa took her" Who's to say her abductor didn't say hey I'm Santa go back to sleep and don't tell. What child is going to argue with Santa? None.

Now Kendrick's case is starting to sound like Aarone Thompson's in Colorado. Many believe, including Texas EquuSearch, that this little sweetie has already left us. The person responsiable should be a real man and say Yeah I did it. If your man enough to do the crime you should admit it. Instead of hide behind the blind faith of family.

As for Colt I hate to say this, and hope I'm wrong BUT it sure sounds like Ricky Holland all over again.I don't care if he ran away 20 times before he is 9 years old and in my opinion Endangered.

For more information on each of these children click on their Highlighted names. Also their NCMEC Posters are Available in each of their threads.


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