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Monday, April 24, 2006

Perverted-Justice is kicking it Big.

Yep the folks at Perverted-Justice have teamed up with Dateline again. This time it's a 4 part series. This is from the front page of their website:

"Oh you read that right, the first part of the next installment of our "To Catch a Predator" series with NBC airs THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26th! As always, it will be on NBC. Check your local listings. The first part of To Catch a Predator 4 is centered in Darke County, Ohio. As readers of this website remember, 18 individuals were arrested over a three day period in a joint PeeJ/Dateline sting that involved the Darke County Sheriffs Office. Men from all walks of life walked into our house and will soon walk into your living room. If those of you in rural America thought "Hey, this can't happen here", just wait until you see what sort of men will drive even to America's heartland for what they think will be an underage rendevous. Darkness and the middle of nowhere does not frighten them off.

In fact, this entire upcoming four weeks will be a extravaganza of what people like best: Predators arriving, being grilled by the ever staunch Chris Hansen, and then slapped with shiny silver jewelry. Four hours of Dateline/PeeJ predator specials in four weeks, get ready for some compelling must-watch and educational television.

As well and definitely not least, we have officially broken 100 arrests for this year so far. Not only have we garnered 100 arrests, but if you just were to take the results of our stings with Dateline NBC and law enforcement just in 2006 thus far, you have over 100 arrests. 108 to be exact. Overall, we have averaged one arrest a day thus far in the first four and a half months of 2006. We're proud of that as it just illustrates that we are continuing to expand when it comes to arrests as an organization. "

Upcoming Dateline Schedule:
April 26th - Darke County pt. 1 (TCAP4)
May 3rd - Darke County pt. 2 (TCAP4)
May 10th - Fort Myers pt. 1 (TCAP5)
May 17th - Fort Myers pt. 2 (TCAP5)

*TCAP=To Catch A Predator

There is also a great article on how things went down with names and addresses from Fort Myers Florida at NBC2.Com

So tune in and see if you recognise your friends and neighbors.

Special Thanks to Twister for the Heads Up.


  • At Friday, June 09, 2006 7:46:00 PM, Anonymous Rose said…

    In recent news NBC admits to paying for pedophile sting claiming that it was paying a public service. According to a Washington Post article published in April, Xavier Von Erck, the owner of the vigilante group is being paid a sum of money in excess of $100,000.00.

    Because Xavier Von Erck was paid $100,000.00 by NBC Dateline, will the charges against these men be dismissed? Well their certainly is talk about it.

  • At Saturday, June 10, 2006 7:43:00 AM, Blogger From Whispers to Roars Admin said…

    Police are paid to go undercover as part of their regular paycheck, the military infiltrates enemy camps as part of their jobs. So what difference would it make if Xavier was paid by NBC for computers,connections,people to pose as children ect. I see the charges sticking.

    No one paid the animals to show up at the sting house. It is a far cry from entrapment.


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