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Thursday, April 20, 2006

And in Other News...

My Partner on From Whispers to Roars Main Forum thinks I'm spending too much time there so guess what, your stuck with me and my rants LOL.

Here are a few News Items I found Interesting and wanted to share.

41 Felons Freed Early, Including Accused Triple Murderer.

Where else but Michigan. Yes they "accidentally" let 41 felons loose on unsuspecting citizens.

One of those released was Patrick Alan Selepak, who is now charged with killing three people after he was wrongly freed.

Corrections Department Director Patricia Caruso told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that systemic and individual errors led to the releases.

The Full Story is Available at the Highlighted Title.

Man Sentenced In Child Porn Bust

What really makes this one interesting is the fact it was one of the LARGEST porn busts in Virginia History. And he got 1 year. Yes you read it right 1 year.

"A man involved in what state officials believe to be the biggest child pornography bust in Virginia history is sentenced to only a year in prison.

Rodney Cheely was arrested in 2005 on 25 child pornography charges. He plead guilty back in February.

The maximum possible sentence was 175 years in prison, but Cheely will serve one year. He will need to register as a sex offender once he is released. "

Well they do say Virginia is for Lovers,they should add Commit a Crime get a slap on the wrist.

And now for the pity party awards:

Paroled Sex Offender Faces Rough Homecoming

After nearly 20 years in prison, 44-year-old Jeffrey Baker has returned to his mother's home in Livingston County. Baker admitted to raping eight women in Monroe County in the 1980's. As a level three sex offender, he faces very strict rules for his parole which began Wednesday.

No one in this quiet lakeside town is welcoming him. The view from McMillan Lane in Conesus may be inviting, but for its newest neighbor -- the reception was ice cold.

“He's well aware of the fact that he's not wanted here,” said Dawn Jostiak who lives on McMillan Lane. Baker arrived around 4:00 p.m, and neighbors made sure he knew he was not welcome. Carol Wilson says seeing Baker arrive put some fears to rest. "

What was he expecting a party,neighbors bringing food and cake. Waaaaa my heart bleeds for him... NOT!

Is there a recently released Sex Offender near you? Find out in the "Predators in the Area Alerts" or one of our many Sex Offender Registry's Sites.


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