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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is there a "new" witness in the Tara Grinstead Case?

New witness reported in Grinstead disappearance

According to Maurice Godwin, who, according to his Web site, holds a doctorate in investigative psychology from the University of Liverpool, said he learned of the existence of a witness during a recent trip to Ocilla.

Godwin said the witness saw a man near a black Chevrolet pickup truck parked on the grass at Grinstead's house the night she was last seen, Oct. 22.

"The person standing by the truck said something very rude to the witness," Godwin said Wednesday. The man threatened the witness, Godwin said, which might be the reason that person hasn't come forward.

Godwin said he has talked to the best friend of the witness and plans to contact the witness today. "This person is legitimate. I can tell you that," Godwin said.

Godwin said he was triple-checking his information before turning over the witness's name to investigators, he said. He expects to notify GBI Special Agent Gary Rothwell before the week is out, he said.

"When I get my ducks in a row ... I'm going to shoot them some information," Godwin said. (Full Story)

MY Opinion: I think this "Investigator" is quacked. This sounds more like a ploy to bring a witness to the forefront. Remember this is the same guy who didn't use *69 when he received a death threat over the phone,and didn't report it til Monday when it happened Sunday. If there really is a witness and the best friend told I would be more worried about protecting both of them and not my ducks.

For full details and articles on Tara please visit her thread at our Main Forum Here.


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