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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

National Center for Missing Adults is in Danger of Closing!

Unbelievable!! One of the BEST resources for Missing Adults is in jeopardy. Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski, President and Founder, Project Jason Voice for the Missing htttp://
Informed us the other day that this was happening.

Here is an excerpt of what she said:

"A Matter of Urgency Updated on 7/15/06 I need to interrupt my ongoing story for a matter of an urgent nature. Yesterday I mailed a letter to the President of the United States. I don't recall ever having done that in my life, or if I did, it's slipped my mind. The point is that I feel this situation requires action from the highest level of government possible.

I will backtrack to yesterday: I came across something today on the internet which was rather alarming. It concerns the continued existence of the National Center for Missing Adults. (NCMA) I knew they had been struggling as of late for several reasons, but I did not know how serious it was until I read these words on a new blog written by Kym Pasquilini, Founder of the NCMA.

Kym's blog:

Kym wrote: Yet, this agency expended and depleted its own funds assisting Hurricane Katrina Victims and is due to close within only weeks. As the only national clearinghouse in the nation we have begged and pleaded for increased funding and reimbursement from the federal government. What happens to families during the next catastrophe? What happens to the thousands Alzheimer'sr's patients or the victims of foul play we have registered here?

Yes, indeed, what would happen? Who would those families turn to in their time of need? "

For Full Text from Kelly click here.

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Contact information for the Whitehouse:

To make a donation and help save this noble organization click Here.

Won't you help save our only National Resource for Missing Adults?


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