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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zaria Marceo, 7 Parent Abduction 9/1/08 CA

Mother Makes Urgent Plea for Return of Missing Daughter

Written by Jason Lewis, Sentinel Staff Writer, on 09-18-2008 00:00

Father Primary Suspect in Child's Disappearance

Racquel Butler has been franticly searching for the whereabouts of her seven-year-old daughter Zaria Marceo, who has been missing since September 1.

Zaria spends every other weekend with her father, Dahnje Marceo, who was supposed to drop Zaria off at the police station for Butler to pickup. Marceo never showed up with Zaria, and they have not been seen since.

Butler and Marceo separated before Zaria was born, and Butler has claimed that Marceo has been making her and Zaria’s lives a struggle ever since. Butler claims that Marceo can be abusive, and that Zaria has expressed that she did not want to spend weekends with her father.

Butler was awarded full custody of Zaria, who attends Baldwin Hills Elementary School. Butler claims that Marceo not only harasses her, but also her 17 year-old son, who has a different father.

It would appear that Marceo might have help because he is a triple amputee, and according to Butler, he is unemployed. He does not pay child support. Butler says that Marceo has ties in the Belizean community, and in the past has threatened to take Zaria to Belize.

Butler cried out for community help at a tearful press conference in front of the Sentinel.

“If anybody sees her, please, please call the police, please return her safe,” Butler said. “Just call 9-1-1. He might be violent.

Since he is a triple amputee his mind is starting to deteriorate. He’s kind of a danger to others. If you see him do not approach him. Just follow him and call the police.”

Residents with tips on the case can contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s South West Division at (213) 485-2586.

“We’d like the public’s help in locating this child,” said Detective Allen.

“Anyone would want their child returned to them if they were missing. This is somebody who would definitely stick out in the community if you saw him.”

Marceo is missing both legs and one arm. He has artificial limbs and is using public transportation to travel.

Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks secured a $25,000 reward for information that leads to returning Zaria home safely.

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