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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cole Puffinburger Missing, Something doesn't Add Up.

Non-Family Abduction COLE PUFFINBURGER

I try not to put my feelings into print mostly because I hope I'm wrong. But too many things with the disappearance of Cole Puffinburger just doesn't fit. I know we don't have the whole story yet but what we do have is fishy.

First were these men in uniform and did she ask for identification? Did she question why they were there or is it because she had done something illegal and was waiting for them to get her?

The mother says she and her boyfriend were tied up, what about Cole? I can't see a 6yo sitting quietly by as his mom is being bound.

She also claimed they were looking for money and when they didn't find it they took her son, why? There hasn't been a Ransom call and by the way the boy was dressed (Vans shoes are expensive as are John Cena Hoodies) you can't tell me there weren't other items in the home worth money when pawned.
What makes the mom think the main objective was just cash? Are they known for having a lot on hand for illegal reasons?

When the mother talked to police she said 2 Hispanic males with Hispanic accents. What other accent would there be?

And why did it take 5 hours to get a description of the 2 men, now 3 men?

And it wasn't till the NCMEC poster came out that we hear they may be armed. Why was this left out of all articles?

As a mom of 3, now teens, I know from experience that 6year old's are hyper and can be a handful so why take one? They supposedly don't know the intruders so how could the kidnappers call in a ransom.

This whole story is odd. Was the boy in school the day before? When was the last time anyone, besides mom and boyfriend, saw Cole? Where is Cole's Dad?

I can't help but wonder if we have another Susan Smith or Casey Anthony. Was Cole in the way?

Chime in with your thoughts.

For all updates on Cole click Here.

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