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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cindy Anthony has finally lost it!

OMG my ears are bleeding! I was watching Nancy Grace and almost lost it. Cindy Anthony is now saying that there was NO SMELL in the trunk when she smelled it. WHAT???? Maybe she should listen to the 911 call again. I mean we have heard it 80 times since it was released. I believe it goes like this:

I found my daughters car today and it smells like there was a dead body in the damn car!

Pretty sure that's it. I could look it up but why we all know what was said.

And she told reporters that it didn't smell until a week after it was towed and SOMEONE must have put a body in it then. Again I say WHAT?? She is as crazy as her daughter! And there is no new evidence. Don't worry I won't say it again....yes I will WHAT??

When will Orange County file the obstruction charges against Cindy Anthony? Come on she is lying as much as her daughter is. Some say they feel for her, I can't she knows a hell of a lot more than she is telling.

And the Bounty Hunter Padilla said Casey IS going back to jail Saturday and the family knows it. Cindy says Casey isn't going anywhere. LIE Again Lady.

Padilla also said he has done a 180 turn in his thinking and no longer believes Casey or Cindy. At least he finally woke up like the rest of the nation. No I don't enjoy Caylee being dead, when I first heard she was missing I was hopeful. But with time and the families erratic behavior it turned to dread.

We see a lot of different cases daily on our site. We don't go oops going to be dead or yep killed. It isn't like that. We get a sixth sense about what we see and read and can get an honest feel for the case. Only because we see so many, and for many years now, that are similar and can tell what way it will go.

Trust me I wish she was safe and with a family that will care for her properly. No child dying is a reason to celebrate or say I told ya so.

God Bless Caylee and protect her.

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