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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Casey Anthony,The Family Must Be Proud

Casey Anthony another Killer Mom

Sit back, grab a bite to eat and a drink I have a lot to say on this one.

Now Gaia and I have talked often about this little girl and her crazy relatives. As usual Gaia takes the Optimist role and I take the Pessimist. OK I'm not always negative BUT I have a reliable gut feeling on these things. And ask Gaia I am rarely, and I do mean rarely, wrong. (I can't say I'm always right because she will say SEE I TOLD YA SO lol and I will never hear the end of it!)

Ever since we first posted Caylee we have had a nagging feeling this was going to end badly for the poor little angel. What parent of a 2 year old waits 4 weeks to report her child missing. Here is my take and yes I have felt this way long before the court documents came out the other day.

Just by the way Casey and her mother Cindy were acting everyone could tell Casey wasn't the one who raised this baby. My feeling was she had Caylee and her mom Cindy did the rest. Now this was never reported only hinted at.

Now Caylee would have been 3 on August 9th which means Casey was 20 when she had her... Cindy said what 20 year old is mature enough to handle a baby.. Is she stupid!! My lord I have met much younger mothers through the years and their children are still alive.

Is she saying her daughter has mental problems and won't admit it because she is one of those mom's who thinks their child is perfect? This baby was doomed from the beginning. OK so we now know from court records that Casey didn't want to be a mom and her mother forced her to do it. Maybe she thought maternal instincts would kick in or she herself wanted to be a mom again to try and get it right this time.

After 2 years she knew her daughter wasn't connecting with Caylee. Don't tell me she didn't either. I am a mother and an Aunt and even I can see when something isn't right. And yet after Casey took Caylee on an outing that turned into a vacation she suspected nothing?? Give me a freaking break.

This grandmother KNOWS what happened. She is covering for Casey just like she has her whole life. Case in point I Googled Casey Anthony and found a blog that posted now deleted comments from Cindy's Myspace page :

Cindy’s MySpace message (since deleted) left on July 4th:

Subject: My Caylee is missing

Current mood: Distraught

“She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?”

According to reports, on July 4, Casey Anthony is said to have spent the entire day partying with friends, but where was Caylee?

Then on July 7, Casey Anthony is alleged to have left this message on her MySpace account (message has since been deleted):

The message, titled “Diary of Days,” read:

“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken

Trust no one, only yourself.

With great power, comes great consequence.

What is given can be taken away.

Everyone Lies.

Everyone Dies.”

Thank you to yourturntohelp for posting this. To see the blog yourself click Here.

The above myspace accounts aren't there anymore. Now there is a Find Caylee one but it is more about how to donate money to the fund then on what's being done to actually find her. As I read the comments, all positive, I couldn't help but feel sick for all these people who think this baby will just walk in the door say hi everyone I'm home and be done with it. Since the Body Farm here in TN sent the results from the air samples back saying it IS decomposition in the trunk we know this angel is home with god and not the demons here on earth. And granny saying it was old pizza??? STUPID ya knew what it was the second you smelled it.

I think Casey couldn't handle Caylee getting all the attention and accidentally killed her. But instead of being a mature 22 or 23 yo she got the gas from Dad's shed but didn't get a chance to burn her body. So she got the shovel and buried her. And Grandma knows. Casey Anthony who is a seasoned liar can't lie to Mommy. Now I know I haven't mentioned the Grandfather George or brother Lee. I don't think they knew anything, do they now...maybe. What grandparent wouldn't DEMAND answers from the only person who knows and lives with them. NONE!!

And I hear today the genius bail bondsman and bounty hunter might revoke the money from her bond. MORONS stay in your own hole in the wall and let Law Enforcement do their jobs. You 2 probably set everything back weeks with your little publicity stunt. Pull the money and go home. And PLEASE Shut Up Already!

OK I know this won't be a popular post of ideas and I am prepared. I pray to god I'm wrong, but too much says I'm not.

And why hasn't Texas EquuSearch been contacted till now? Everyone knows who they are and what they do? Like is said before this will be a recovery not a rescue. An article is available at about TE coming to Florida.

If you have any information to return Caylee to a proper place or know what really happened here are the contact numbers.

Orange County Missing Persons Unit


407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich

office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crimeline: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

The Anthony's Number is also listed but we won't post it here. Let LE take care of this baby since her so called family couldn't.

For updates on Caylee visit her thread at our site Here.

And a Flyer is available here NCMEC.

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