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Friday, October 24, 2008

Open Message to Paige and Levi.

From Paige and

Paige and Levi, if you are reading this website please contact your families. Do at least one thing, if nothing else, call your families and let them know that you are together and safe. We can work out all the rest. If you are afraid to call, at least post an entry on the blog or email us. You are loved, there is nothing that cant be worked through. Everyone is worried about you both and want you to return home so that everything can be put back together. Please know that thousands of people are praying for you and helping to find you. Everyone is only interested in your safe return. Please make contact with your families, they love you and are doing everything they can to find you.

You can call 1-800-THE-LOST and let them know you are ok. They are not law inforcement, but will relay the message to your families. Law inforcement will not contact you if you call this number.

Please do this for your families. If we know you are safe and are together we all would rest easier.

Update 10-20-08
Some information from sources advise that they may be headed to Colorado. Levi had a guitar with him that possibly could be used to pawn for money. He had mentioned wanting to live in the wild in Colorado to fish and hunt, etc. Authorities are contacting pawn shops in the area to see if they noticed Levi or Paige selling any items for money.

Neither Paige or Levi have a Driver’s License or much experience driving a motor vehicle. Levi is known to be bi-polar and off his meds. He has threatened suicide, but is not known to have a weapon. Levi took Paige from a football game in Lathrop, MO Friday night after having altercation with parents. Destination is unknown, some friends of Levi’s have mentioned he always wanted to be a “rock star” in California. Paige has some biological family in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Area. Any information please contact Clinton County Sheriff’s Office at 816-539-2156 or call 911 or call Derek at 816-210-3916 or Jeff at 816-935-8664.


Or Call:

Clinton County Sheriff





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