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Friday, May 12, 2006

Would you like a Sex Offender with your Happy Meal?

In case you have heard or read this McDonald's has hired Sex Offenders, Rapists and Molesters to work in their "Family" fast food chains. We have been covering it on our forum for about 2 weeks now and are shocked at the lack of press it has gotten. Not only have they hired them in the past they still are. So my family, with approval of our children, have boycotted McD's.

We have a detailed map of 14 states that show each McDonalds that has a sex offender working there.

Also where you can email McDonalds yourself and tell them how enraged you are that they allow these animals to be near your children.

To see the articles,maps and emails visit the thread at our main forum Here.

Or if you want to blast McDonalds now go to



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