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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Woman Pleads For Help In Finding Missing 91-Year-Old Grandmother

Woman Pleads For Help In Finding Missing 91-Year-Old Grandmother

POSTED: 5:44 pm EST February 9, 2006

TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- Less than two weeks before Jennifer Kesse disappeared, another Central Florida woman vanished.

Lottie Wise's family is now seeking the same help from the community they have seen in the Kesse case.

Despite all the time that has passed, police are no closer to finding the 91-year-old woman.

In light of the response Jennifer Kesse's family has received, Lottie's family is now trying to get whatever help they can to find the elderly woman.

"Whatever you do, just help me find my grandmother," Gwen Smith said Thursday.

She doesn't want to go another sleepless night without knowing where her grandmother is.

Lottie vanished from her Titusville home on January 12.

Police said she had Alzheimer's and may have walked away from home. Her family is begging for help.

"I'm pleading with anyone. If anyone has any information about my mother, please let us know," Smith said.

Immediately after she was reported missing, police searched for three days, even combing the woods near her home with cadaver dogs, but there has not been any sign of the senior citizen.

After seeing all help in the Kesse case, just 45 miles away, Lottieā€™s family decided it was time to make a push for their own missing relative. "I see the way they are operating and I think, okay, there's no way we can do this. We as a family are just as concerned about our grandmother as anybody else," Smith said.

The family enlisted the help of a local pastor and a civil rights group, but while they were holding their news conference about a planned search, another granddaughter tried to put the brakes on everything.

"I'm not going to let someone turn this into some kind of political instrument or whatever or for someone's personal gain," said Gina Beckles.

Emotions started running high among family members trying to iron out the best way to look for Lottie.

"All I want to do is find my grandmother. If you've got some means, if you've got some resources, help. I'm begging the community. Please just help me find grandma," Smith said.

Family members were hoping to organize a search party for this weekend. But after the dispute erupted among family members, that effort has been put on hold and Lottie's whereabouts remain a mystery.

The pastor and the civil rights group said they were just offering their help and not seeking publicity.

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