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Friday, November 06, 2009

David Lohr being "let go" by the Discovery Channel, We have to stop this!

David Lohr being "let go" by the Discovery Channel, We have to stop this!

OK You know me, when I get on my soapbox I don't hold back. The injustice this time is the laying off of David Lohr from Investigation Discovery. David writes for the Criminal Report Daily, an in depth look at missing person's cases as well as murders.

The Author description says that " David Lohr has been writing about crime and criminals for over 15 years. Readers and critics alike regard Mr. Lohr as one of the most prominent crime writers of the 21st century." and yet he was one of about 30 who were given pink slips the other day.

In 2008 David left CourtTV/TruTV to join the Discovery Channels new network ID Investigation Discovery where he heads up the Criminal Report. As a major advocate for the missing and murdered he brings their stories to the forefront and gives them names and voices.

David has also put his time and money where his mouth is by going on searches as well as putting up his own money for Rewards. He is more than an extremely talented journalist he is a humanitarian with a huge heart. He truly cares for the people who are missing and the families left behind. To him it doesn't matter if the person went missing this morning or 15 years ago, if he can help he will!

He has done many articles on cold cases that never had any publicity. He doesn't look for the most high profile cases. He believes they are all important no matter the situation or economic status of the family, Missing is Missing.

Without David at ID the hopes and dreams of the families that their loved one can be found and brought home because of what he wrote will be extinguished.

There have been several articles about David and the others losing their job.

Dana Williams at AC (Associated Content) wrote: "David was the linch-pin of the Investigation Discovery site. He is an outstanding journalist, and to do this to him boggles my mind," Simon (at BNN) wrote. "David Lohr is one of the great advocates for missing children, his work on the Caylee Anthony search is a case in point. Unbiased, objective, and always probing, his articles on the case were the ones that people read first."

Michelle McKee of "In Cold Blog" also wrote: " While it is not the first shake up to go down at Discovery, this one is a major one, and it seems counterproductive to Discovery’s goals to get rid of a journalist and investigative reporter of Lohr’s caliber. Advertising revenue will be lost if the blog goes down, David’s large fan base will look elsewhere to find their information and, most importantly, the families of those with missing loved ones will have lost an important venue with integrity and credibility from where they can reach out to others."

In an effort to try and stop this travesty a Facebook cause was set up called Save Discovery Channel Programming and Jobs. It is a protest aimed at showing Discovery Channel what an unbelievable mistake they are making.

In this group we encourage everyone to visit Discovery Channel's Viewer Relations link and fill out the form in support of keeping David. Also if you are a member of Facebook you can join their Investigation Discovery Fan Page and let your voice be heard.
One person can truly make a difference, will it be you? Will you help the missing all around the world come home? David may be the difference between families being reunited or lost in the shadows. Please help with this campaign and stop Discovery Channel from ignoring the needs of the people and do the right thing.
Thank you for reading.

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