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Friday, May 22, 2009

Amber Leeanne DuBois, 14 Mising 2/13/09 CA

Hello -

I am contacting you today because you have shown interest in our efforts to locate Amber Dubois. Below you will find a sample letter and a list of contacts for various shows that feature missing persons cases. I am asking you to please send a copy of the sample letter below to these contacts to assist us in our plea for more media coverage for Amber's story.

I would greatly appreciate you continuing this chain by forwarding this to all of your own contacts and and asking them to do the same.

Someone - somewhere - knows something - we need to find that person. Please help us Bring Amber Home.

Thank you so very much.

Lisa Wilson

Sample letter:

Hello -

I am a faithful, longtime viewer. I would like to call to your attention the case of Amber LeeAnne Dubois - this beautiful 14 year old girl who went missing in Escondido, CA in February.I want to hear more about this case. I want to see her featured as a missing person. This child's disappearance could happen to any family and it is scary! Please research and air her story.

CNN Headline News:

Larry King Live:

Nancy Grace Show:;

Associated Press TV:

America’s Most Wanted:
Please if you can help this family it would be appreciated.
For more information on Amber visit our main forum Here.

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