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Sunday, July 30, 2006

IP Ban in Effect on Our Main Forum

To All Visitors and Members of From Whispers to Roars Main Forum.


Lord knows we hate to have to block anyone from this forum but some IDIOT has been spamming our forum.

It stared last night with hundreds of fake posts about everything from poker,cheap air flights to medicines. I emailed it's IP Host ( Everyones Internet, Inc.) .

Until they fix this situation we have had no choice but to ban all ip's that beging with 66.98.

If you are a member or frequent visitor and have any difficulties from this email us at and we will try and help you.

All our time on this board is precious and we work hard trying to inform everyone. We don't have the time or energy to sit and delete almost 400 posts by some jackass who is trying to make a fast buck. And abusing this board, What an ASS!!

Thanks for being here.

I did hear back from Everyone's Internet. They said thanks to the evidence I sent along with my complaint they can persure an investigation into this Idiot.

Unfortunetly we had to disable all guest posting. We truely hated doing that since we encourage everyone to post on our forum. We are hoping that after this is resolved we can open up 100% again.


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