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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Top Stories for Today

So far today there have been major developements in several stories. Below are highlights and where to find more information.

Ali Gilmore, Florida:
Reward grows for Gilmore search

With the help of an anonymous donation from a local business, the Big Bend CrimeStoppers reward has swelled to $30,000.

A billboard at Paul Russell Road and Monroe Street was erected more than three weeks ago. Now, three more billboards will go up Lake Bradford and Jackson Bluff roads, Capital Circle and Crawfordville Road and on Tennessee Street.

Gilmore was four-months pregnant when she was reported missing Feb. 6. She worked at the state Department of Health and part time at Publix on Apalachee Parkway....

Aarone Thompson, Colorado:

Teens From Missing Girl's Family Say She Wasn't Killed

DENVER -- Two members of an Aurora family at the center of a police investigation into the death of a sibling say 6-year-old Aarone Thompson wasn't killed.

Rajon Russell and Andrew Lowe, both 15, are the brother and son of Shelley Lowe. She and Aaron Thompson have been named by Aurora police as "persons of interest" in the disappearance of Aarone. She was reported missing in November, but police said she was likely killed more than a year earlier.

Police said there were no valid sightings of Aarone in almost 18 months.

The teens called The Denver Post on a cell phone Tuesday, the newspaper reported in its Wednesday editions. Reporters at the paper confirmed the teen's identities by birth dates...

Natalee Holloway, Aruba:

Sources: Search Resuming For Natalee

(CBS) CBS News has learned that authorities in Aruba are resuming the search Wednesday for missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway.

The lead investigator in the case calls this the "critical last phase" of the search.

Holloway vanished nearly 10 months ago while on a high school graduation trip.

48 Hours Mystery correspondent Troy Roberts told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Wednesday that Aruba's Deputy Police Chief, Gerald Dompig, is hoping new clues help authorities find her.

"They're bringing in cadaver dogs from Holland to search the dunes, and also the beach area near the Marriott hotel, where the prime suspect, Joran van der Sloot, said he last saw Natalee," Roberts said . "They're also bringing in ground radar equipment that was used to try to find mass graves in Bosnia. And, finally, they're comparing satellite images of this area taken before Natalee disappeared last May and photos taken (more recently) to see if there's, like, a shift or something peculiar, changes in the landscape, to help pinpoint a burial location." ...

For complete coverage on each person listed click on their highlighted name.

For the rest of the articles posted click on the highlighted title.


  • At Wednesday, March 29, 2006 9:00:00 PM, Blogger Home Sweet Home said…

    On Aarone T. it sounds like two kids who have either decided they didn't like their foster home and came up with a plan to get out, or who have reacted to family pressure and have decided to speak out. I know the family has never mentioned prior to this, that the boys were witnesses to Aarone being in the home the morning she was reported missing. And they have been quite outspoken with the media through other family members and spokesmen. If this were true, you would think that they would have mentioned it earlier.


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