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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Major Break in Baby Jane Cordova Doe Mystery

Major Break in Baby Jane Cordova Doe Mystery

Feb 23, 2006

Tonight Metro Police held a news conference on the Baby Jane Cordova Doe case.

A tip from a town in Central California, apparently from the child's grandparent, gave police investigators the lucky break they needed.

Police say the child's mother, Gladys Perez, approximately 24 years old, was taken into custody this evening in California. She is being charged with murder.

The mother's boyfriend, Mark Anthony Colon, approximately 28 years old, is in police custody in Minnesota on an active parole violation charge out of California.

He will be charged with murder in this case. Police say Perez and Colon were in Las Vegas around the time that the 3-year-old child was found in a dumpster at the Villa Cordova apartments in the area of Karen and Eastern on Jan. 12.

Two arrests made in the case of Jane Cordova Doe

It's a mystery that took police from the Valley to California and all the way to Minnesota. Now that mystery is solved and a 24 year old woman is under arrest. Police say her guilty conscience forced her to confess that she was that girl's mother.

She is Gladys Perez. Her boyfriend, 28 year old Marc Anthony Colon is also in custody. Our sources tell us Perez turned herself in Thursday morning, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Colon was arrested in California.

The baby's biological father was in custody on another charge in Los Angeles at the time that Jane Cordova Doe was dumped, so he is not a suspect.

Apparently the couple arrived in California and the baby's grandmother inquired about her whereabouts. When the couple failed to provide a believable story, the grandmother reported the toddler as missing and an alert California detective made a connection.

The detective showed the grandmother pictures of Jane Cordova Doe and the grandmother identified her right away, even pointing out that she had purchased the clothes the little girl was found and pictured in.



  • At Friday, February 24, 2006 3:14:00 AM, Blogger Home Sweet Home said…

    So glad to hear that she finally has a name. And it sounds as though she had a loving grandmother. I am sure that grandmother is in a lot of pain now. But she loved her and protected her enough to prevent her from being buried nameless.
    May the child rest in peace now, and may the grandmother come to terms with her loss.


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